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The day has come, and we can enjoy Liberte in all its glory! 🔥

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The day has come, and we can enjoy Liberte in all its glory! 🔥

Liberte is available for 19.99$.
However, we're starting a Launch Sale that will last for a week! Get a copy while it's 15% off! 😁

Liberte Screenshot May 2023 6

We've regularly polished the game for over a year since it entered the Early Access stage. Our team has been busy introducing tons of content improvements and, of course, bug fixes. As a result, we now have the following:

🔥 new bosses,
🔥 improved mechanics,
🔥 UX and UI tweaks,
🔥 better game pacing,
🔥 enhanced enemy and environment behavior,
🔥 greater emphasis on intuitive deck-building based on player feedback,
🔥 partial VO;
🔥 incredible soundtrack.

The soundtrack is now available for 6.99$.



Last but not least, a changelog of the latest improvements:

Fixed issues

Version 1.0.1.c.

- Curses do not save after exiting to Main Menu and resuming the game. This makes gameplay much easier.
- Blocker in Throne Room. After talking to Philip, the door would not open for me.
- When the player approaches the hole in the ground, the "Explore the mysterious opening" quest passes, and it should once the player enters it.
- Sometimes, missions already done appear on an objective log when an additional event fires
- After entering/exiting the fragment of the bliss, already completed missions show up.
- At the beginning and end of cutscenes, the HUD is shown on the screen (e.g., during the cutscene at the beginning of the Prologue).
- You can get your character stuck in the theater
- You can fall under the map in Theatre. One of the walls has no collision
- Invisible collision on an advanced rebel base in House Lamballe mission
- You can fall off the map in one of the city alleys in the People's Court mission....
- you can get jammed in the Mana Shop in Flea's Antique Market level.
- Character stutters in the corner of the map after climbing the steps on the sublevel with 'Fragment of Bliss'.
- After losing in The Endless Bliss, the player is not moved to the start of Homebase and does not see prompts for all interactions
- No collision on stairs when entering catacombs in the prologue
- When playing on the pad, it often happens that larger enemies freeze in stillness at some point.
- Story says 100% when we're not done with the final fight yet
- AUDIO: no environmental sfx before Lady B in prologue
- If a player wants to burn a card and has full mana, there is no warning/confirmation window about having full mana
- Player can play a card he already has, and there is no warning/window with confirmation if he definitely wants to do it
- Rene runs in an offensive stance without a sword after using a skit.


- Resolution / fullscreen changes when unrelated settings are changed
- Fixed colors, too washed out with green fog.

- Assassination Skill is not working • PLAYER: On the gamepad, some skills (Spillover) throw °out of range" error too often
- Using pushback and holding the attack before the animation ends makes the player attack with empty hands.

- Fixed wrong path in catacombs.
- A player can get stuck under a window in Philip's throne room.

- Karla Knife Throw - brak opisu obok do Backstab
Fixed misaligned enemy health bars being rotated constantly.
- Target icon above enemy health bars will be displayed correctly again.

- Wrong music before going into Lady Bliss encounters Suggestion - hard to understand message 'deck empty no cards draw.'
- Wrong music for Enounder with Inquisitor
- Wrong music on the Hills of Montmartre - Scene 'What Lies Ahead' Missing word in the skills tutorial


- Quest is considered complete when the boss dies, but adds (purple shades)

- Faction Rewards - change tab arrows do not work
- Quest log messed up on the widescreen monitor
- Fixed misaligned buttons in conversations on wide-screen monitors
- Title card waits until side convo / convo clean up, making them show up at the wrong time
- Deckbuilder tutorial not launching when deck builder is entered via crafting button on New Blueprint view.
- Quest description - space in copy missing

- Loot from breakable objects drops in mid-air on the bridge.

- interlude has too little water
- No collision with breakable jugs
- bad-looking brick well with repetitive texture on top
- Overlapping houses in front of Porte saint denis map cap

- Fixed a bug where battle end indents where not fired
- New version of 5 major themes for better fit with on-screen action.
- Poison damage makes armor hit sounds on armored enemies, even though it damages flesh directly.


- When card is being burned and user clicks another, the wrong one gets burned.
- When card being played/burned animation finishes, the top Card is selected, even if player has moved the selection
- Card playing sound cuts off if inventory is closed mid animation
- Remove "deck slots". Show pop up if deck limit is reached
- Do not ask to override skill if its charges = 0
- Bigger font in tutorials with minmax size
- Selection in inventory can be changed when UIPrompt is open
- Missing boss healthbar in local co-op mode
- Faction Rewards - change tab arrows don't work

- Claim all plays sound even though there are no rewards
- Bliss ambiance is less loud

- Scavenger should be a tiered talent and slightly worse

Thank you so much for supporting us through thick and thin.
As always, you can reach out to us on:
🔹 Facebook
🔹 Twitter

600x100 join discord3

Have fun!
SuperStatic Team

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