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The Final Preview for Full Invasion: Osiris is here! That means the closed beta is right around the corner. Today we detail the new factions in the Final Preview, and talk about when the beta will start.

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Greetings, Defenders

Last week we released the final preview build of Full Invasion: Osiris to our Patreon supporters! This build contains all the factions and almost all features we want to have in the full version of Osiris. Though we had hit some delays while making this preview, which ended up causing it to be complete about 1.5 months after we had scheduled it, the rest of the time table we had created is still accurate. This means that we still plan to release the closed beta of Osiris within the next weeks! More info on that can be found below.

We'd first like to share with you the new factions found in the preview that we have not discussed before:

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The Arcane Empire

The Arcane Empire is a brand new faction, loosely based on the Empire found in older versions of Full Invasion. The Arcane Empire is made up of three subfactions: The Triaxian League, The Council of Nestorius, and the Arcanthian Regency. This faction is the first and only faction that includes magic spells, wizards (not counting Gandalf and Saruman), as well as more advanced Late Medieval gear. This faction has a lot of unique classes to play as that are not found elsewhere.

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The Greco-Persian States

Merging smaller Greek and Persian factions, the Greco-Persian States is a faction based on (as the name suggests) ancient Greece. Making the most of the spear and shield combination, Greco-Persian troops bring large round shields, sarissas, and short swords to the field, supported by agile throwing troops. An excellent faction for tight infantry formations, the Greco-Persian States lack options in the cavalry department.

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The Tide of the Blackmarch

A combination of multiple old invasions, the Tide of the Blackmarch contains all sorts of undead creatures. Skeletons, demons, dark mages and more attempt to wreak havoc on the Arcane Empire, the corresponding defender faction of the Blackmarch. Boasting tricks such as poison damage, giant creatures, and even turning players into strong followers, the Tide of the Blackmarch is a crafty foe. Its bosses have new ways to outsmart the players, so stay focused to make sure you are not overwhelmed by the tide!

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The Greco-Persian Invasions

For those of you seeking a true challenge, but who are not quite masochistic enough to fight Chaos, the Greco-Persian Invasions are a good fit. Equipped similarly to its defender faction, this invasion fights with long spears and big shields, and is well equipped to combat cavalry and archers. Perhaps a good infantry formation will be able to withstand their pikes, supported by Immortals?

Regarding the Closed Beta

We’d also like to take this chance to update you all on where we’re standing in the development of the beta and the public version of Full Invasion: Osiris. As you may recall from our last blog post, we scheduled about 2-3 weeks between the release of the last preview and the beta. We hit several delays making the last preview, as the workload for that turned out to be bigger than anticipated. However, as we planned to have the last preview contain almost all the features of the full release, the amount of time we estimated we’d need for the beta and the public release are still accurate. This means the closed beta will launch early September! Depending on how the beta goes, that means the full release will likely be here in early October. Whether we hit this deadline for the full release still depends on several factors somewhat out of our control, however, so that may take a little longer.

That's all for today. The next blog post will be around the launch of the closed beta, which should be within the next 2 weeks. As always, if you'd like to keep in touch with us, join us on our Discord Server. We will be inviting players to the Beta from there too, so if you'd like to be a part of the Beta, make sure to join us!

dunadan101 - - 85 comments

This is far more exciting than the Gamescon presentation of Bannerlord tbqh. Can't wait!

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_WulfKang_ - - 460 comments

Lol I Don't know if its that exciting but yes this is very lovely news to hear!

- Ye Humble Scribe,WulfKang

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sd-an0n1matus - - 13 comments

Wait... When you say Sarissa.... Do you mean the actual pike gameplay like the ones in the rome at war mod for M&B Warband? or as in just an upgraded slightly longer spear?

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[FI3]_Maroon Author
[FI3]_Maroon - - 51 comments

I have not played Rome at War, but our Sarissa is roughly 3.5 meters long. Plenty pike to go around there.

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Guest - - 695,155 comments

First of all hello and great job with the mod however, it i have a slight problem as when the textures load and procedes to load the settings it just crashes or closes, is that something usual what should i do ?

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[FI3]_Maroon Author
[FI3]_Maroon - - 51 comments

Hi, in order to load the mod you need to enable "Load Textures on Demand" in the settings found in the game launcher. That can be found here:

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Guest - - 695,155 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Blood-iron-Europe - - 135 comments

Just to clarify, is the Arcane Empire based on some other media? Or is it a unique thing? I tired googling it and couldn't find anything.

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