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Full Invasion: Osiris' release is finally here after nearly two years of development! Download details and the changelog can be found inside.

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Greetings, Defenders

Full Invasion: Osiris is now available for download! After a month of beta testing, we are now ready to release the full version of the mod. It's been nearly two years since the last version of Full Invasion 2 was released, and Osiris has been in development for even longer than that. Thank you all for sticking around and keeping the mod alive, even though there was not much new content to keep you going. Full Invasion: Osiris has been a massive undertaking, and we hope you will enjoy it as much (or even more!) as you have enjoyed the mod so far. Special shout-out goes to our Patreon supporters, without whom we might have lost drive long ago, and who certainly helped a lot with testing Osiris to make sure it works as intended. Here's to them!

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Download locations

This time, there are three different ways to download the mod. You can either download the installer for Osiris on Windows, download the mod through the Steam Workshop, or download it the old fashioned way, as an archive. We recommend using the Steam Workshop, as that will automatically update the mod for you when we release future patches.


This is the general changelog for Full Invasion: Osiris. A lot more has changed than this changelog details, but if we were to include all little details it would be too long to post.

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The major changes:

  • All factions from Amber have been removed, and have been replaced by the following factions:
    • Defender factions:
      • The Calradian Realms
      • The Crusader States
      • The Empire of Sigmar
      • The Lord of the Rings
      • The Saracen Sultanates
      • The Arcane Empire
      • The Greco-Persian States
    • Invasions:
      • The Invasion of Calradia
      • The Storm of Chaos
      • The Forces of Christendom
      • The Armies of Isengard
      • The Hordes of Mordor
      • The Invasion of Saracens
      • The Tide of the Blackmarch
      • The Greco-Persian Invasions
  • Each faction has a lot more content. Defender factions have up to 130 classes each.
  • All maps, a handful of exceptions aside, have been removed, and have been replaced by maps of greater quality.
  • The invasion script has been completely rewritten. Bots now spawn in smaller groups, and each wave consists of a certain amount of groups. More details on the new invasion script below.
  • The amount of waves in an invasion has been reduced from 53 to 34.
  • Classes are now divided into 4 tiers: Recruits, Soldiers, Elites, and Heroes.
    • Recruits are weaker classes that get a set of free armor.
    • Soldiers are the standard troop type known from earlier versions of the mod.
    • Elite Troops are more powerful classes that have access to better stats and items. These classes have an extra gold cost to start using them.
    • Heroes are the most powerful troops around. More information about heroes can be found below.
  • Heroes now have special abilities they can use every few waves. These abilities can be used to turn the tide of battle, and range from increasing the hero's speed to resurrecting fallen enemies as allies.
  • Heroes and Support classes can now give buffs to all nearby related classes. These buffs can do anything from increasing melee damage to increasing horse speed, improving nearby shields, regeneration and much more.
  • The class selection screen has been completely remade to make sure we have enough room for the amount of classes.
  • The faction and map selection screens have been completely remade. These new screens are used when making polls and on the admin screen.
  • The amount of gold you start with and get for fighting has been significantly reduced. The first waves of invasions have been scaled down appropriately.
  • Random boxes are now split into 4 types: Melee, Ranged, Shields, and Legendary. The normal boxes still have a chance to spawn a legendary item, but the Legendary box guarantees one for a steep price.
  • The bug that caused your FPS to drop over time, forcing you to open the log, has been fixed. No more L presses!
  • Added a training map that can only be used outside of Invasion mode.
  • You will now respawn 2 waves after you die, instead of after every boss wave.
  • There is now a countdown timer before each wave to get prepared. During this setup phase the usage of props like beds and quivers is sped up.
  • A lot of the "power creep" from previous versions has been turned back. Invading bots are weaker in general, but so are the players. This means you'll find less absurdly strong enemies or weapons.

New admin features

  • Temporary bans now actually work.
  • Admins can now mute all players that are not admins at once.
  • Admins now have a special chat that only other admins can see. Access this chat with the 'M' key.
  • Admins have new items to spawn in.
  • A banhammer has been added. Only admins can pick it up, and any player hit by it will be temporarily banned. Wield with care.

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As mentioned above, invasions now work completely differently from before. Instead of having all bots spawn in one giant mess and each non-boss wave being the same, waves are now made up of groups. Each group is a cohesive set of bots that spawn together at one spawnpoint. For example, a random wave in the Invasion of Calradia can be made up from 3 groups: Nord Raiders, Rhodok Crossbowmen, and Khergit Horse Archers. This system ensures that each random wave is unique, and no playthrough of the same invasion is identical.
The amount of groups, and the size of each individual group, increases as the invasion progresses or more players join. The further into the invasion you get, you will find tougher groups to fight.
Furthermore, each map now has multiple directions the enemy can attack from, and has separate spawn points designated for each type of enemy you face (infantry, cavalry, or ranged). This means you will have to keep an eye on the map, and work together with your allies to ensure you are not outflanked by a surprise attack coming from another angle.

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Support classes and Heroes

Osiris introduces support classes and extra abilities for heroes. Support classes are classes that are less proficient in combat by themselves, but can provide bonuses for nearby allies, such as increased damage, healing, movement speed, or defensive boosts. Support classes tend to only provide bonuses to a subset of classes, requiring players to cooperate to make the most of their bonuses. For example, a Jerusalem Bannerman in the Crusaders faction will only provide bonuses to nearby Jerusalem classes.
Hero classes also provide bonuses to nearby allies, and have access to unique active abilities. These abilities allow them to (for example) instantly heal nearby players, cause enemies to run away in fear, spawn bodyguards to protect them, teleport to an earlier position, and much more. To compensate, only one player can play as a particular hero at a time.

duckie427 - - 228 comments

The new progression system is great. The stakes and consequences and goal building kept me playing for hours and it felt like minutes. PLEASE, PLEASE, DEVELOPERS do not change it because the community complains. Right now this mod has the potential to be the one to rule them all. Keep the limitations because it keeps people addicted. You guys are geniuses and I'd like to meet the fellow who constructed this new system if that wouldn't be a problem. Thank you for your efforts, it was worth the wait.

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[FI3]_Maroon Author
[FI3]_Maroon - - 51 comments

Thanks Duckie, that means a lot to us. We expected to hear some grumbling about the new progression system but we're positive that this way works better. Glad to hear you like it!

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duckie427 - - 228 comments

Thank you! But yes, keep it the way it is because modules like Persistent World and cRPG have fallen from their former glory due to it shaping to the community's complaints and the stakes and progression is dead. Thank you so much for responding it means a lot to me.

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Guest - - 692,332 comments

I've been playing FI2 ever since the 2013 pre-Amber days and at least two thirds of my 1134 hours in Warband have been spent on this mod. I have to say over the years, the dev team has consistently exceeded my expectations in their ability to improve it so much every time they release a new version. Unlike many other devs, they clearly understand the balancing and what makes the mod fun and Osiris proves it. The changes in progression and difficulty are things that I've been wanting in FI2 for ages now. Late joiners and less seasoned players can actually contribute more now with the new support skills and aren't penalized as much for dying (I hated the days of people having to sometimes wait up to 30-45 minutes to play because they might have joined at the wrong time at like wave 39). This is great for keeping servers alive past later waves. The legendary box is also a great addition as players don't have to spend ages at the random boxes spending hundreds of thousands of gold, cluttering the map, and not contributing to defense, sometimes all of this for absolutely nothing. Thank you again to the devs for keeping this mod alive after all of these years.

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maximou - - 1 comments

The mod is way harder than before and i do appreciate it, but could you maybe reduce the amount of bots per group? Because i felt like they were way too many, i know you did it to make it more difficult but you could reduce it a bit, maybe?

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Guest - - 692,332 comments

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Guest - - 692,332 comments

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Arrow90 - - 5 comments

Sometimes, in game, disconnected cause connection error... why?

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Aralenor - - 4 comments

Guys love what you did with the mode! It's really AWESOME! I'm fan of this mode for years.

I have one question. I've noticed I have bug with blood staint on all characters or even arrows on myself and players. Options is fine, is it just problem on my side? Thanks for answer!

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Guest - - 692,332 comments

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ThatBoyHoncho - - 113 comments

there are still invisible troops killing brave defenders

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Guest - - 692,332 comments

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Guest - - 692,332 comments

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Kurumin - - 8 comments

when you gonna add more factions to the mod??

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