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Work on the full game will start soon! Here's some details of our progress, as well as the Taste of Perfection EP.

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It's been almost three months since the last update, so here's some more information about Perfection. The module itself at university has ended and our level has been submitted. We won't know our marks for a few months yet anyway, but the final presentation went down great! This is of course where we have to make our decisions concerning full development of the game.

A meeting will be held Monday 26th to do a full autopsy of the game, where we will be discussing what went well and of course what didn't go so well. Once we have debated over this, we will concentrate on creating the full game. We understand that this was originally a simple university project, so we may have members leaving so that they can focus on other projects. This is where we turn to the wonderful community here!

As we have been previously, we are looking for anyone even remotely interested in working with the rest of N104. We are currently searching for all sorts of people, but these are just a few of the roles:

  • Level Designers (Working with the Source engine)
  • Character Modellers
  • Weapon Modellers
  • Prop Modellers
  • Concept Artists
  • Texturers
  • Audio People (Sound effects primarily)
  • Musicians (In a band? Speak to us!)

Interested in helping out but can't fulfil a role on the list? Talk to us anyway! We aren't about to start limiting our members, we just want to make a great game!

As for some juicy details, there will be a few more screenshots up today. We know you've had a lot of those already, so here's a bonus: Here you can listen to seven songs from the Taste of Perfection EP. All tracks feature in-game, so this will likely give you some idea about how things will shape up once we finally get working on the final product!

On a final note, level designers especially, please consider joining us! We need as many hands as we can get to push this out before we get tied up with university again, so please drop us a message if you want to join us in making this mod!

Have a great day everyone!


I'm just learning modeling, but I'd love to help out in any way possible. PM me if you have any ideas.

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