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We are extremely happy with the current progress of the mod and hope you are too, expect some neat stuff coming soon !

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You will be happy to hear that the mappers are still mapping, the modellers are still modelling and undoubtedly the coders are still coding with tremendous speed.

With the 'coding' side of the mod going unbelievably well some members of the team are turning their heads to adding more visual custom content to help the game reach the forseeable 'stand-alone' state meaning that you will NOT need any source game, only a free download of 'Source-SDK 2007 Base' !

Beretta 90 TWO 9MM -- High Poly Version

Today was a big day as we officially deleted ALL Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike source textures from the mod to get our staff working on a tonne of 'visual custom content' which we can hopefully begin to show you some time soon.

Wait, there is more ! As well as all of that, we are also proud to say that Brainbread is finally reaching a 'playable' state ! However, there are still alot of place holders for weapons which still need to be textured and imported ; other than that us developers are extremely happy to know we can finally start to enjoy our mod and hopefully release small teasers to the public before we think it is time to release a closed BETA !

Underground WIP

We also hope that we can share some screenshots of some new maps within the next few weeks !

Remember, we are always looking for more talented people to join the Brainbread : Source developers, we want as much talent involved in the making of the mod as possible ; all spaces are available as long as you are talented enough, please do not hesitate to post an application at the forums :

~Mapster(WFc) - - 806 comments

I do look very forward to playing this. Only recently have gotten back to playing the half-life 1 version of this and still find it to be an amazing game to play.

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Darkamo - - 474 comments

amazing can't wait for more , brofist from France !

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MorshuLoL - - 209 comments

Awesome! Keep up the good work.

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drug - - 14 comments

Great news!

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Bloodvayne - - 536 comments

Love it!

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Lacedaemonius - - 510 comments

Wow, that's some auspicious news, and certainly great news at that after some very pessimistic posts in the past.

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