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1 week to launch! Let's talk about some game mechanics, including the "open-galaxy"!

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Hi everyone, Leandro here! Beyond the Storm will launch in the next week so, it’s a good time to talk about one mechanic: the “open-galaxy”! You know, Tyrian had a little map view before starting every level, showing the locations and even a track to the next level, when available.


As a love-letter, it was necessary to include this map in Beyond the Storm. But then, I asked: How could I make this map more challenging?

So, I wanted to make it like free roam, so we could focus on the planets and stations, and having a little "space section" between them. This is an early concept of how this could be achieved:


To make these interestellar travels possible, I made a little thing called the Warp Cells, in which they can be available in the levels like the Data Cubes.

Warp cell

Without them, you'll not have the needed fuel to continue, getting stranded in space so, make sure to get every Warp Cell that shows up! You'll need them to plan your next travel in the quadrant:


But, if you didn’t planned carefully your travels and still get stranded, don’t worry: the Galactic-Tow ULLC is ready to pick you up in any galaxy sector and tow you to the last station that were in your computer... For a little price, of course.


If you don’t have the credits to pay them, just give them some of your ship's equipment and everything will be fine... Probably!

Another thing that can aid – or mess it up – with your travels is the wormholes, which sends everyone one-way to another sector of the Tenn Quadrant. You can use them! Go ahead, see how much fun you’ll have travelling in them! Weeeeeeeeee!!


There’s a full galaxy out there for you to explore/aid/destroy (or be destroyed!)! You’ll only have to figure out where are some specific locations, since your mapping software wasn’t updated and the company ceased operations... And while some locations is having just a few troubles with their galactic locator, others just... let’s just say that they don’t want to be seen...


One week to go! Things are keeping more and more hotter than ever. Even more since yesterday, when Alexander Brandon himself noticed Beyond the Storm and made a “little” tweet about it:

I’m really happy on how these things are going, and I’m thankful to God for everything that happened until today!

I can’t let pass that this game being noticed like this makes me more nervous about making it live up the expectations of you all, and I promise that I’ll make my best!

And don’t forget to wishlist Beyond the Storm! We’re reaching 600 wishlists (and STILL growing!)

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Tyrian is such a great game! Awesome to see this!

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