Beyond the Storm is a love-letter for the game Tyrian, published in 1995 by XSIV/Epic Megagames. As it, expect the same experience, with a lot of more content and improved visuals.

Beyond the Storm title image

Be NEARLY vaporized, crushed, blown to pieces, flame broiled, and electrocuted using your incredible targeting skills and class 1 fancy flying to keep you alive in this SHMUP that brings back the essence of the classic arcade shmups!


  • An "open-galaxy", divided in sectors, wormholes, nebulas, asteroid fields, enemy fleets and full of planets and stations, each one with it's own playable sectors
  • Original music, inspired on the iconic soundtrack from Alexander Brandon
  • Original graphics based on the original Tyrian art made by Daniel Cook, a.k.a. Lost Garden
  • Lots of ships, enemies and weapons
  • A lot of content lore-based, with a full readable database inside for more info
  • Customizable weaponry
  • A re-imagined energy generation system, allowing customizable ship systems based on energy redirection
  • Fully voiced lines (in EN and PT-BR)
  • Starfield Jukebox, for listening the OST with awesome visuals!

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Hi everyone, Leandro here! LAUNCH IS TOMORROW AAAAAAAAAA
*inhales* *exhales* *inhales* *exhales*

So, let's talk about the power mechanic, an specific one that WILL help you in tough situations!

Tyrian had it's energy bar, to power weapons and shields. Without a good generator, you couldn't have good weapons. Maybe it's even the most iconic game mechanic from Tyrian.


So, let's use a little LORE to explain how things are done in Beyond the Storm... *clears throat*

The galarian professor Malktor Von Wann wanted to CHANGE the spaceships's power matrix, to redirect power to an specific system on the fly. Here's he yelling at his coworkers, explaining how it could be done, in 951.8 AGS. Such a genius, indeed.


So, the main idea behind the Power Matrix is that you can define how much Power Cells each system can have. More cells means:

  • Deadlier and faster shots
  • Faster shield recharges
  • Faster thrusters

But, warning: More cells being recharged cripples the generator!


The initial setup of a power matrix is as follows:

  • 1st half for Front Weapon
  • 2nd half for Rear Weapon
  • All cells for Shields
  • All cells for Movement (either horizontal or vertical).


Yes, a cell can power more than one system but... I don't recommend this.

This is a schematic of how the systems are processed, when a single Power Cell is connected to more than one system. MAYBE you'll have one or more crippled systems so, check this if you have problems like not firing, not recharging shields or jagged movement!


The armor itself isn't the main problem that you can face when you get hits. These cells are very sensitive, and every bump can make their acidic catalyzers go nuts, failing in sending power properly. Check their status and repair them when this happens!


Sometimes you'll face adversities that needs to reconfigure the power matrix and everything... others, you'll just need to figure the best moment to do some things. These are some that we've gathered with Dr. Malktor Von Wann. Maybe there's more, I don't know, he's mean and I'm too afraid to ask anything.

I wish I had a farm.



Phew, tomorrow's the big day! I can't express how much I thank everyone which has been recommendating Beyond the Storm everywhere!

I must say that it's not being easy these days: A LOT of things to do in the game, just to make it done in time. (this week I've been staying awake late, like 1 AM, 2 AM... Everything while dealing with my work, wife and children. Trust me: It's. Not. Easy!)

I must confess that I had to remove a lot of things to make sure that the game reaches fully playable tomorrow, but don't worry: In the next days, I'm scheduling A LOT of new features, for example:

  • More quests
  • More game modes
  • Special events
  • More levels
  • DLCs
  • Integration with Steam Workshop (Ship editor, level editor...)

So, stay tuned! Beyond the Storm launches tomorrow, with a HUGE launch discount! And, if you didn't wishlisted yet, REMEMBER TO WISHLIST IT! We've reached 600 wishlists, thank you all!!

From Tyrian to beyond - Part 3

From Tyrian to beyond - Part 3

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1 week to launch! Let's talk about some game mechanics, including the "open-galaxy"!

From Tyrian to beyond - Part 2

From Tyrian to beyond - Part 2


2 weeks to launch! This week, let's have a look at the soundtrack of Beyond the Storm!

From Tyrian to beyond - Part 1

From Tyrian to beyond - Part 1


3 weeks to launch! Let's see how the development of Beyond the Storm started, and how things were dealed from the very beginning!

Official Gameplay Trailer is here!

Official Gameplay Trailer is here!


"Video editing is easy", they said... "it's just record and put together", they said... And then, six months has passed.

Guest - - 692,363 comments

Cant wait!

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LoboOutlaw - - 30 comments

It’s neat that you have a personal connection to the reason for making this game!

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LunarShuriken - - 1,285 comments

Love the vibe!

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