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Us here at Propelled Bird just want to take the time and express our sorrows and concerns to fellow developer Phil Fish concerning his recent drop from the industry.

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Propelled Bird, started by a group of high school students, with little money invested, and absolutely no idea what we were doing, decided to make a game. We went through the hard ships, went through the hoops, and at a point we almost dropped the project. However, this changed after hearing the story of Polytron developer Phil Fish.
Phil, one of a group of developers featured in "Indie Game: the Movie" has the story that could be turned into a movie. Having issues with family health, relationships, and family stress, somehow managed to complete the amazing game Fez. We saw all of his problems, and realized how great the success can be if we just pushed through till the end.
Recently, after a flame war with Marcus Beer, Phil threw in the towel and gave up on Fez 2.
Phil, if you happen to catch this, we just want you to know how much we want you to stay. Our game is only as far as it is due to your success story keeping us pushing on. You can't let the internet's numerous assholes keep you from creating some of the most original content of today. We don't make games for those people, we make it for those who enjoy the game and support the cause, no matter the number.

From one developer to another, we beg you to stay Phil.

~Propelled Bird Software, LLC

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