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Announcing new ships and a new website for the mod.

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As you can guess from our silence of late, save for Dark_Sentinel's dedicated reassurances, life has been keeping the team busy and distracted. But the mod, and Homeworld in general, continue to be important to us, and work hasn't stopped. Today, I have two things to share with you.

Firstly, Dark_Sentinel has designed and modeled several ships belonging to the Frerrn Aggregate, a centuries-old enemy of the Taiidani Empire that has risen as the empire fell. They're a faction mentioned in passing in the Cataclysm manual, and in future releases will be available as both player and enemy ships in survival mode. I've put a few pictures of them in the image section of our moddb page.

Secondly, the mod now has a website of it's own. Inspired by the venerable Homeworld Shipyards, the site contains statistics, descriptions, and pictures for the mod's ships, taken from the current development version. You can see more of the Frerrn there, along with a few other new treats and all the old favorites. Here's the link again.

This website was not built by hand, but rather largely generated from the mod files. While some customization will be needed for other mods to make use of it, I will be making the scripts I put together to do this available to the community shortly. In fact they're reachable now, but there is still work to be done on flexibility and documentation. If this tool interests you, keep an eye out for my announcement when I feel it's properly documented.
Thank you all for your continued interest.

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