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Continuing from my previous article, here are new Hotchkiss heavy MG and Lebel rifle posted in sketchfab. Ive also added some relevant videos about the real world versions of the models im posting here as well.

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I got some more French goodies for you guys. First is the Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun, the main heavy machine gun of the French army in WW1. I also added the other 2 heavy machine guns in there just for good measure.

On our home forum, TWC, a friend of the mod posted this video, which goes along perfectly with this sketchfab. They cover a lot of info on the three heavy machine guns i posted above.

Next is the new Lebel Model 1886 rifle model ive made. I added all of the levels of detail for this model as well to show you guys since, in game, its almost impossible to tell the difference since Total War's LOD system works so well. I listed the poly counts of each model as well.

And here is another video perfectly explaining the history of this rifle. This video was posted in conjuction with The Great War channel, which is one of my favorite things on the interwebz these days. Its kept me motivated theres last several months and is very informative and entertaining. If you guys get a chance check them out here: The Great War Channel

P.S. All texture work done by Aanker and don_Durandal from TWC, as well as the previous article I posted.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post :)

KingKetsa - - 424 comments

Awesome work team

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7ty7 - - 786 comments

What a great article, thanks so much for sharing.

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Fire_Ze_Missiles - - 31 comments

Great to see this mod still going on! The level of detail you guys put into everything is truly amazing. Keep being awesome :)

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RedRogueXIII - - 17 comments

Very cool models and textures, really awesome to see such detail at the RTS unit scale!

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Lukegriz77 - - 120 comments

Love those two channels!

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CaptainArtard - - 55 comments

Add Americans to campaign? or at least as merc units for the ally nations?

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Commanderhale - - 3 comments

why must 5.2 take so long! I check the website everyday ugh....

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Guest - - 699,666 comments

Looking forward to the release of 5.2!
still waiting...

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Guest - - 699,666 comments

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