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The Great War Dev Team

The Great War Dev Team

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Developers of The Great War Mod. We are a multi-national team of friends who first met on

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The campaign doesnt end at the end of late december 1918.
Whats wrong?

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Привет,понимаю,что тебя достали уже с этим,но если у тебя имеется такая возможность, выкинь пожалуйста в сеть бета-версию мода the great war for napoleon total war, мы все ценим ваш труд,но и вы подумайте о нас ( поклонниках данного мода ),что больше года ожиданий - слишком,надеюсь,что ты обратишь внимания на этот комментарий, и удачи вам в дальнейшей разработке

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can you play the beta version

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Hey, is there any discord link for The Great War mod?


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BDIZZLE356 Creator

There's not an official discord for TGW but some other people set some up.

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can play beta version

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Gas shells for heavy howitzer:

At first, I thought to have broken something, when messing with the 5.1.5 mod files. But now I have found out, why the heavy howitzer is unable to shot gas shells in campaign battles.

In 'GreatWar5_DB_Tech_Effects.pack / db / technology_effects_junction_tables / tgw5_technology_effects_junction' line 8 'military3_land_Gas' needs to be changed from 'enable_carcass_shot' to 'enable_quicklime_shells' and set to '1'. ('Carcass shot' being used by flamethrower, if I am not mistaken.)

It is working for me in campaign battles too now (Previously only was working as intended in custom battle).

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In version 5.1.5 'MG (late)' seems to be bugged for the British, Austrians, Germans, French and Ottomans: it does not move, instead the soldiers get stuck in the pose of turning the wheel in order to push the guns forward.
Italian, Russian(_Rev), Belgian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish and USAn 'MG (late)' is moving normally. Only tried with the factions available in MP custom battle, and only 'MG (late)' is affected, not the light mortars, gas mortars etc.

Edit: If it helps, replacing the faction-specific 'MG (late)' with the 'basic' one solved the inertia, but ofc you want to implement the correct models.

Also, I have the suspicion, that the unit icon of the Jerries' "mid" Assault infantry 'Rohr' seems to have been swapped with the regular "late" Assault infantry icon, noticeable also when comparing with the SMG unit, and the uniforms in game.

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Unit size was 'large' (0.75).
Btw, just watched TSJ's video featuring A-H and Serbia. Apparently Austrian MG (late) was partly(?) fixed: only 1 out of 4 MG got stuck.

A) Given the (outrageous X)) importance of artillery, when it comes to calculating the battle outcome, maybe allow the recruitment of old fieldguns in every settlement, up to a certain level? This might help minor factions to survive just a bit longer, and to give battle with something that at least ressembles an army.

B) While the UK does invade quit frequently, it ofc does so in places, where it seldom can establish a permanent foothold, like Oldenburg, Denmark, East Prussia, Galicia(!), Rumelia.
Tue ensure its presence in France to at least some degree, maybe an event could hand over Normandy (with some way to recruit basic artillery, because of^A)) to the UK at campaign start, when the British and French factions are controlled by the Alien, not human, Intelligence?

C) Artillery is most vulnerable when limbered, and limbered artillery seems to be its prefered target, too. This imho is of major concern in the campaign, as soon as reinforcements come into play. Chances are very slim that you will be able to deploy artillery reinforcements in time w/o seeing it get wipped out in the process. This could be remedied - even if at first glance it seems stupid - would be to give (mobile) artillery the "can stalk" ability. So artillery would only be spotted, as soon as it opens fire.
Although, Idk, hard to say, if the AI would put this opportunity to good use, due to its present habit of deploying its guns right at the border of the map and on top of eachother, which leads to artillery batteries cannibalising each other. I made this change, but will have to see, whether as long as artillery is not being targeted, it will continue to move to the point of destination of the reinforcements or not.

D) Another problem with AI controlled artillery is the fact that it likes to stumble over earthworks deployed by its own infantry. Now, it does look the way that you increased the survivability of limbers, but MGs and light mortars are still affected by this, and MGs (until the female tanks arrive) in particular are the only reason of concern when facing an AI controlled army that is not backed by overwhelming odds.
Maybe, it would better to restrict the availability of earthworks to a defensive stance of the AI like originally designed, requiring the "stationary for one turn" pre-requisite (Though, this obviously won't help the AI in case of it trying a sortie during a siege).
As I understand it, Trench Warfare is meant to be represented by the ability of certain units to move, while remaining hidden, not the earthworks, anyways.

Just my 2 (5?) c.

On a sidenote, the AI likes to spam transports and cargo ships, but never does bother with occupying trade nodes, instead using them in combat. I assume, tradeships ignoring trade nodes can be fixed. But maybe grant the ability to trade to the (planned) armoured/light cruisers instead? And, personally, I replaced the transports with torpedoboats (to protect my ports from hostile incursions).

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ad C) Unfortunately, AI artillery is still going to unlimber on top of and shot eachother. Guess nothing really can be done about this.

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