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In the end Freebooter proved too ambitious, but we will keep making games.

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Hi everyone,

We have decided to close the Kickstarter and stop the development of Freebooter for the foreseeable future. At the time of writing, we are still at 8% of the Kickstarter goal amount, and we do not see a way to turn things around before the end of the Kickstarter.

We have loved the idea of Freebooter ever since we first discussed it and we have enjoyed working on the game for the past year. We knew it was a very ambitious project from the start and that it would be a long shot to get it made, but we are happy that we have made an attempt.

We would like to thank everyone who have backed the Kickstarter and everyone who has followed Freebooter over the past year. We have been overwhelmed by the attention Freebooter has gotten and we are sorry we could not give you a chance to play it. In the end Freebooter proved too ambitious, but we will keep making games. Once again, thank you all for your support.

Johannes, Jakob and Nissanthen, Tribunal Games.

fascka - - 76 comments

you must be kidding me!

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TribunalGames Author
TribunalGames - - 66 comments

Unfortunately not.

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AudioGhostX - - 585 comments

I don't think it's because the game was too "ambitious", you guys just weren't gonna get your money so you rage quit on the game.

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TribunalGames Author
TribunalGames - - 66 comments

We don't deny that money was the issue - we simply couldn't afford to work full time on the game any longer. Less ambitious games cost less money to make, generally.

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Mushroomman - - 86 comments

And so all of my merry hopes and dreams were crushed like a careless ant near a power lifter.

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TribunalGames Author
TribunalGames - - 66 comments

Sorry to disappoint.

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hasaosan - - 74 comments

its not about disappointment... its about showing that your company is incapable.. and therefor you will NOT get a second run... no one will buy your games if they see that you just give up so easy... its a waste of money... plenty of devs pushed their games out even while only working part time on the game and having a damn day job

you could always do a minecraft business model like other indies have done and make a killing.

anyways i for one will not be buying any Trubunal Games products... it is like i said a waste of money when the devs are so willy nilly they just throw the project away... BIG DEAL your kickstarter failed WHO CARES push on keep working on the game you showed people

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JCDenton2000 - - 267 comments

I like the analogy, lol.

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Beldarak - - 8 comments

Oh, sorry to read that :'(

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Pengu221a - - 15 comments

Dam, I was looking forward to playing, maybe you could release the game at the current state? im sure that would appeal to most of us.

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TribunalGames Author
TribunalGames - - 66 comments

Sorry but the game is in no fit state to release in any form at the moment.

Thank you for the kind words.

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LonelyKnightess - - 841 comments

What the ****? Most developers find ways to get past the failure of the kickstarter. You know what they do when they fail that? Go part time and try again.

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Kripis - - 1 comments

Yeah could you please give us the current version? please? :)

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HUDuser - - 19 comments

Sorry to hear that guys :/ Hope you all continue to produce games in the future, something will stick!

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frenchiveruti - - 372 comments

Bad to read about it, it was looking so great.

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stuntaneous - - 32 comments

That's a shame. And, odd. Like another said, devs will much more often than not push on and find a way. Indies make games they themselves want to play and make them out of their relentless passion. They don't throw the towel in after a Kickstarter falls through. The luxury didn't even exist until recent times and yet, indie games made release. It's not a good look to ditch the project so readily. And, this is on your record now.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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richtofen115 - - 82 comments

alright, so let me get this straight, you had 11 days left, and 4000 euros... WTF people, it wasnt that it was ambitious, you are just either A. lazy B. thiefs C. all of the above
answer is most likely C, you should be sued for theft since im sure no-one got that money back

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