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In the last news article, I stated that I will have a beta on moddb before 2010. and I know this announcement is a bit late. but i'm back to the drawing board working on some new gameplay mechanics, a couple new weapons, and impoving AI. more impovement has been done to the visuals and getting closer to the feel of the source material.

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Thank you ModDB for your patients. I was honestly expecting to be spammed for not releasing a beta on time, like my experiences with the official epic games forum. I also wasn't expecting this mod to get so much attention when, from the get go, I intended the audience to be from the gears pc community. I am very proud that this mod got an article on other big sites such as Destructoid and Gametrailers ( & ) but at the same time, I wasn't prepared for it. and often I was asked and criticized if the mod would be put on ut3 or udk. and the short answer is no.

It's not that I didn't try to work something out with the udk, it's just not possible. I've spent weeks playing around with the udk and trying to figure out how to port or recreate the mod for that platform. but udk, like ut3, requires more coding than gears of war (which already has many mechanics needed, such as sprinting, aiming, reloading, melee, ect.). and I honestly can't get a good grip on unrealscript. I looked everywhere for tutorials and none of them I was able to comprehend. I guess i'm too right-brained to understand any of it.

So i'm back to work on creatin a few new gameplay mechanics for the mod. this includes a couple different approaches on taking down a T800 terminator. you can just shoot them 'till they drop, but you place some good shots on it's waist area (where the micro-nuclear power cell is) it'll defuse, resulting in the terminator to be dismembered in two, turning it into a crawling terminator. And if you hit the area with a more powerful weapon (i'll get to that in a bit), the cell will erupt, creating large splash damage to it's surrounding. Another mechanic is to have the player be able to deactivate a non-alert terminator simply by melee attacking it from behind. the resistance are tactical fighters and having different approaches for taking out terminator would seem more appropriate to the source material.

There's not going to be a big variety of weapons in this mod. so far, you have only seen the standard plasma assault rifle and the charge bombs. but in some of the newer screenshots, you might have noticed a grenade launcher attatchment. this is the weapon to commonly use if you chose to detonate a t800's power cell, instead of defusing it(but it won't be as accurate as just shooting). another weapon you will get will be a missile launcher that be most effective against the aerial HKs. and last but not least, a heavy plasma turret mounted on the back of a rusty pick-up. you will use it for a rail sequence, defending your ride from intercepting HKs as seen in the source material.

As for the graphics, there are many improvements in this area. more tweaking in the lighting and colors have been done to feel closer to the atmosphere from the classic films. I've also been working on more neat post-processing effects such as pushing the light shaft/lens flare effect further by creating some prism-like effects for the more intense light sources. and a different looking depth of field effect that takes multiple image samples overlapping rather than using kernels to create a blur.

I'm not going to make a release date for the beta, but I do expect to release one soon, but I'm not telling you how soon because I don't even know the answer to that. It'll be out when ever I truly think it's ready.


Warezing nerds cant criticize you from not porting FPS Terminator to free engines.

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Looks like Killzone 2

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