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I've created a forum where people can make comments and start discussions about the mod.

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I've added a few subjects to get things started. just as a warning - there are times where I will be spending a LOT of time at work. I won't always be able to participate on the forum and respond to people quickly. but I will try to make a point of visiting at least a couple of times a month. Although I am aware of things taking place on Discord, I find the format a bit disorienting and unappealing. (it reminds me too much of a Facebook discussion, and I loathe the Facebook discussion format)

if everything goes well, I'm hoping to release an update in August. if things don't go well, an update will be ready no later than September.

*** things have obviously not gone well. life, work, and death have all conspired to thwart posting an upload for the time being. the mod is still being worked on... but I don't have a clear upload date in mind anymore. probably won't be until next spring ***

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