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The last few weeks have been very exciting for us at Rebel Camp Games. The closed beta test started 3 weeks ago and we finally had some players play the game! Lot's of feedback and bugs came up by our testers, but nothing we couldn't handle! In just 2 weeks time we got rid of all the found bugs and implemented a good number of improvements to the game.

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Hello everyone!

This time around, we have some fantastic changes and updates to go along with your hopefully fantastic week!

One of the most important improvements to gameplay is the ability to recover arrows from animals whose existence you easily dispatch. Common sense dictates those arrows are still in the side of the beast and may still be good enough to launch into other targets. So on your next kill, be sure to pull those suckers out and let some other poor creature have a taste of cold, hard, steel (if that’s what your arrows are tipped with).


Speaking of steel, the next change we have falls to the arsenal of arrows that you equip. We went ahead and made it a bit easier to select the arrow that you want so that you can pull the perfect shot for that raging bear that won’t leave you alone (even after you dropped two of his buddies).


Also dropping in are some cooldowns to potions and cooked meat (can’t have a spam party when there is actual meat present), Be sure to be mindful of your consumption.

Also up for consumption is the new water well building and with it, the ability of crafting drinks to increase stats such as run speed. Be sure to stay hydrated and keep chugging for all your point gaining needs.


From our testers, we were able to implement some of the following changes:

- Graphics update: New lighting equals a new stylized look that is less bright but still very cool to look at.
Environment Additions: By request, we added in some more grass, foliage, and other fun stuff on the ground in order to make the world feel “less empty”.

- Headshot Damage Reduction: By absolute request, we toned down the damage of headshot from x3 to x2 due to reports of it being extremely strong. We advocate for epic headshots but we also want to see the animals have a fair chance of ripping you in half as well.

- Resource Gathering: In 15 minutes, it was pretty clear that you guys can gather some resources. Therefore, to kick up the challenge just a tiny bit, we made a change in the amount of resources you get from each gather type. This also helps balance out the resources you gather in comparison to the resources you need to build or craft. Ideally, we are aiming for the middle ground where gathering resources is necessary but doesn’t feel like a grind (especially when time is so precious).

- Building Point Value: You guys were honestly smart with this one. During the end of gameplay, a strategy got formed to burn as many resources as possible in building camp structures thus gaining a decent amount of points. This was never intended as gameplay but regardless, hats off to you guys for helping us find this. Though the points will be disabled for now, there is a chance we may bring them back once we figure out a balance that doesn’t involve dumping all your resources at once.


Beyond that, we want to absolutely thank our community, our testers, and especially those involved with the development of the game. Through our combined efforts, the game has reached a polished state currently and is going through some rigorous testing before a build is finalized for review by Steam. If all goes well, that build will be launching July 2nd, 2018 to Steam Early Access! That build will have a ranked mode only but as we move through early access, we will absolutely be adding in content we have planned and content you guys want. Always be hitting us up on the comments, discord servers, social media sites, and anywhere else you can get ahold of us (just please no snail mail, those things are slimy).

Happy hunting, survivors!

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