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Hey there watchers! We established a developer company called Death Gods Only Eat Apples, with Umbakarna. Our first project, the First Sin is a part of my Occult Clockwork mod which provides custom stories and full-conversion mods created under 24 hours. Details below.

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Death Gods Only Eat Apples focuses on Amnesia TDD projects only (yet), we're sharing mapping and scripting, i'm mostly responsible for story-writing, Umba makes models for my Wheezy Everlasting 2 mod, but we use some of them in the current project. The story behind the First Sin:

In the beginning, there was only dark. The dark was empty, but contained everything at the same time. Covered the whole world, like a caring mother. It gave birth to all the things this world was known of. Then, there was.. IT. Some would say it was the form of the dark itself. But there was something.. something entirely different, which was not seen in the past eons. LIGHT. A bed for change. That the eternal dark age would end at last.

From the planned 3 chapters, 1 is already released, mostly mapped and scripted by me, Chapter 2 is coming today too, which i'm only helping in. Happy Easter to everyone, and have fun with our project ^^

Here's the link to the modpage:


Of course, I'm not gonna play that one, I played the "Occult" one but I won't play the first sin

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1.3 Machine for pigs again I guess...
Sorry. Just do not take it like we would want to force people to use 1.3
We are only using its benefits.

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