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The first update for Foldrum after the demo announcement for December 22nd. Find out how the development of the demo is coming and if it's on target for release.

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Foldrum Update #8

Ok so as I talked about in the video we are on track for completion of the demo. This week I needed to finish the Artificial Intelligence, and that is exactly what I did. There are still a few behavior bugs(not even remotely game breaking) that I won't be able to handle in time but all in all the current AI is very much in line with the final AI for the game's release (hopefully) in August.

Here is the updated chart for this week:

Red = not started

Yellow = in progress

Light Blue = means it's done but needs to be confirmed to work properly

Green = done and has been checked (it will probably be a while before you see this colour since checks will probably be at the end of finishing a segment)

2017 12 01 16 12 20 Overall Game

In code I mentioned that there were a variety of things that got done, but I am going to go into more detail here.

Counter Fixed:

The sword counter was giving us some major problems, but I managed to fix the underlying system and it now behaves properly with both enemies and other players. Sword is now finally blue since there are no more obvious problems.

Check Enemy Range:

This new feature that I had been wanting to add for weeks allows the player to check the attack range of enemies and other players by clicking on them. It also allows the player to move by just clicking or touching the player to bring up the movement tiles.

enemy range system

Effects Display:

You may notice the things hanging over the enemies' heads in this gif, they are actually symbols representing the awareness of the enemies. This is one of the changes to the effects display system that was implemented. Before, each effect was displayed by actually changing the sprite of the character; now each character has their own canvas which has the effects' individual symbols display on that.

Hotseat Multiplayer:


So in hotseat multiplayer the rules are similar to the v.s. AI combat. However, as the name suggests, in this mode you can play against another real player in the same room as you by taking turns making moves. We currently have free for all working, as you can see, but we are hoping to get teams up and running as well.

Big Wide World:

This week Faizan was able to get roads and villages into Big Wide World. They generate using Dijkstra's algorithm, and prefers to pass through some terrain types over others. Also I should note that we did not have art for the villages so we used our default temporary tile the fish taco. (gaze at its beauty)

Capture ROADS 1

Capture ROADS 2


Finally I will leave you off with the final weapon profile: the spear. It is a weapon that specializes in giving the player range without completely giving up their close combat capabilities. With this weapon the tactic is generally peck and flee which is very different from many of the close combat weapons that require an aggressive tactic most of the time.

2017 12 01 17 09 31 Unity 2017 2

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