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FoK 3.6 Black Templars, some info about black templar commanders and videos

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FoK 3.6 will have a finished Black Templars race with almost everything their Codex allow them to get plus more stuff from Imperial Armour. Venerable Dreadnoughts, Terminator Command Squads, Combat Shields and Storm Shields for Sword Brethren are some the new stuff they are getting, all of this is gonna be fully textured and Team Colorable. Yup thats right, black templars will support any color scheme the player desire.

Black Templars Commanders will perform a more centric role now since they have a new set of supportive abilities and are fully customizble, they can be equipped with any wargear configuration possible, much like Space Marine Captains and Chapter Masters in 3.5. These new abilities are the Auspex, allow the commander to increase his sight range and detect nearby infiltrated enemies, Holy Orbs of Antioch are special grenades which can cause devastating damage to infantry, the other ability is one that represent the "Crusader Seals" on commanders, those who play Table Top know that Crusader Seals improve the effects of "Righteous Zeal" (An universal trait of Black Templars that makes them mad sprinting forward to avenge their fallen brothers). Well this ability can only be activated when the commander is attached to squad, it will increase the movement speed and close combat skill of the squad for 35seconds, then it will require 2 minutes to recharge.

Here are some videos about Black Templars, enjoy!

Other Videos:

Chaotic-Entropy - - 160 comments

"Holy Orbs of Antioch"? :P

Warhammer 40k has Monty Python references? :S

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Chaos_fnas! - - 18 comments

Its a reference to the Antioch knights back in the crusades

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MeanderingBeing - - 164 comments

Actually, from what I understand, they did name the orbs specifically that as a joke... EDIT: At least according to Wiki anyways...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
LordNosoles - - 5 comments

it is a reference to Monty Python's The Holy Grail because the movie had the "Holy hand grenade of Antioc"

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generalbert - - 66 comments

AWESOME i cant wait to use these in game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Calgar - - 2,304 comments

have i ever said that i love you guys?

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kazarr - - 253 comments

Sounds great!

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HounderKnight - - 1,660 comments

Absolutely gorgeous. I'm especially liking the version with the jump-pack and lightning claws ;)

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XxChaosUndividedxX - - 1,421 comments

damn amazing

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seawolf - - 1 comments

Anyone else feel that the normal Space Marines and Chaos models/textures are completely underwhelming compared to BT's new ones? SM are getting a reskin, but compare the quality and it just doesn't even stand up. BT look great due to all the addon and metallic textures which just "pop" at you while SM and chaos have pretty flat looking textures due to lack of metallic "bits" like metallic armor trim and such.

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petertel123 - - 99 comments

I don't suppose you can use black templars in campaign instead of space marines?

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Guest - - 688,627 comments

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