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Recently Lead Designer Andrew Rabbe and Producer Todd Enyeart were interviewed for the Phoenix Comicon on May 28-31. If you're in the area come check out our booth located in the Gilbert Room of the Hyatt Regency Phoenix 122 N 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

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“We needed some kind of twist,” Enyeart said. “We decided to have it so you can only be injured or killed by the environment.”

That made level design an important and challenging part of the game. Five levels have already been completed, and five more are in the works.

“A lot of it’s about flow,” Rabbe said. “We needed to have something everywhere that you can punch an enemy into.”

That includes a map with a giant disco ball of death that descends midway through the game and shoots lasers in every direction.

Killing your own character in the game isn’t penalized, which Enyeart said can lead to some inventive strategies. One of the game’s match types, Suicide Kings, even challenges players to see how quickly they can kill their flubs.

Getting the controls just right was another challenge, Rabbe said. The team had to balance having the characters “feel like ‘Flubs'” while still having precise enough controls to not be frustrating.

By Alex Ferri

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