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Flub Fighter is a 3-D, action-party game where up to four players fight against each other for flubby dominance. Flubs cannot be harmed through punching alone; only a well-placed trap or punch that send a Flub flying into dangerously placed lethal hazards can score kills.

Players can utilize a one-button, multi-directional punch system to knock opponents back and to maneuver around levels. Tapping the button delivers a short-ranged, light punch. Holding down the button charges up your Flub and allows for a powerful punch that sends you and your opponent flying.

In addition to punching, players can collect items during a match to hinder opponents. Items can be thrown directly at opponents, or be placed on the environment as traps.

To achieve victory, players will need to outsmart opponents and stay on their toes in the face of dangerous, hazard-filled environments.

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Artist perspective

Flubfighter Blog

Prior to this internship, I did not know what exactly I would be doing for the team. One

thing that I did know however was that I was going to learn a lot throughout this internship.

During this project, I was able to work on concept art, digitally paint backdrops, and help create

the Logo for the game. Because of the wide range of work that needed to be done, it is easy to

see the amount of improvement that I have had over the course of this internship. I was also able

to see how important it was to work as a team, as well as the importance of communication

between each gaming degree. On previous projects, I would only work with the artists; however

it would be very difficult to complete the game if this was the case, which is one reason why a

lot of games do not get developed. From all of the different things that I have learned while

working on Flub Fighter, the biggest thing would be how to effectively manage time. There were

a lot of situations where we needed to get a lot done, and had a very little amount of time to do it.

By prioritizing the work based on the importance of the task, the work was easier to maintain

during this short time period, allowing the team to accomplish everything that needed to get

done. So far, this is the farthest game project that I have been a part of, and I am looking forward

to continuing to progress this game to the best that it can be.

-Jacob Gernand

Game Pitch Blog

Game Pitch Blog

Flubfighter Blog
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