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Hello, we are still in development, but the engine is going on nicely andup to date has quite a lot of perks. it has a lot of nice content and features which you all will be getting to work with.

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Hello everybody, we are developing an Engine/source code package for GM8 which will let beginner coders create 2d shooters/ space battle games. It is a very simple code package which features the following:

Simple AI (Planes spawn but do not yet shoot)
Player Spawn (The player currently has one life, once he's dead, he will not respawn)
Enemy/AI planes/objects will be unlimited (They will each disappear at the end of screen to reduce memory storage).
Infinite ammo/Rapidfire - The bullets do not have firing intervals, so you can shoot continously.

Apart from a few flaws, the engine is very smooth and has a nice layout. We are still touching up some glitches etc and then we should hopefully have a beta soon.


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