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A quick celebration of the history of Nod's Flame tank!

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3 generations of Flame tank line up side by side, and give us a great
opportunity to celebrate the history of this very controversial unit.

Flame Tank: History

We all remember the famous Tiberian Dawn FMV that introduced us to Nod's Flame tank. It also provided an important insight into the manner in which the Brotherhood conducted itself in relation to the media and the value they placed on the psychological impact of their actions.

Then came the Tiberian Sun conflict and now Nod's Flame tank went the way of the devil, literally in terms of its name, and one of the most menacing vehicles (at least in terms of stills and FMV) was created.

Those hoping for greater things were to be disappointed. The Tiberian Sun conflict ended up being a high point for Nod design and ingenuity, some would argue that it was also a high point for GDI, the third Tiberium war gave us a lack luster effort in terms of its Flame tank.
While I quite like the C&C3 Flame tank (I do prefer 'standard' version, stupid Kane's edition skins), the problem is that it is following on from Tiberian Sun's 'Devil's Tongue'.
The C&C3 Flame tank plumbs the depths of banality in comparison to the Devil's Tongue, a gentle step down in quality would have gone unnoticed, but EA chose to leap head first of the TS summit.

Hells Triangle
Another lousy Nod reunion barbecue, all that burnt meat!

C&C3 Flame tank, you are the weakest link, goodbye! The Tiberian Dawn classic will take its place.

Joshh - - 900 comments

The new flame tank is beautiful. Except, why are you pink housecolor?

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Madin Author
Madin - - 2,077 comments

I've lost my old disciplines (stupid random colour option!). I always used to make sure that I picked the yellow house colour for GDI promotional screens and red for Nod.

Thanks for the reminder!

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ErastusMercy - - 777 comments

The Devil's Tongue was by far the best Flame Tank.

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Scorpionov - - 977 comments

the C&C 3 flame would take the other flame tanks to school IMO the C&C 3 flame tank is epic

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vadereclipse - - 327 comments

In terms of power, the best flame unit had to be the purifier from KW though! a veteran with the blue flame upgrade could annihilate a base in small numbers in minutes!

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Yanivvv - - 483 comments

I dont know what about you but right now we are talking about flame TANKS, wich the best in my opinion is the devil!!

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Alex_06 - - 1,126 comments

The Devil's tongue is ugly as hell (Looks like something out of WW2, Warhammer 40,000 or Emperor: Battle For Dune, not C&C) but the C&C3 Flame Tank looks amazing.

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Madin Author
Madin - - 2,077 comments

Some of us prefer our flame tanks to look brutish, and not has if they were designed by a 14 year old girl whose studying fashion.

"Ugly", just how I like my flame tanks.

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Jason_King_of_Salt - - 2,364 comments

But the TS flame tank is a shoe box?

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Madin Author
Madin - - 2,077 comments

An ugly shoe box!

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Scorpionov - - 977 comments

but a shoe box none the less

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