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Fix#4 from 14/02/2022 for Bulat Steel 2.1.5 Final+ TW (Link to download)

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Fix #4 from 14/02/2022 for Bulat Steel 2.1.5 Final+ TW:

ATTENTION! New campaign needed! (And You have to reapply scripts in BS_Setup.exe)

Do not install if you do not want to break the already started campaign.

Link for downloading Fix 4 for BS 2.1.5 Final+

English translation of BS 2.1.5 Final+ (for Fix 4)

Fix and translation are cumulative! *(contain all previous)

Changelog of Fix #4:

•Numerous fixes in triggers regarding Education (getting Basic (and above) education with built Schools, Libraries, Universities) (Thanks to Okzersal)
Military unit price reform (Original EDU). All units (500pcs) (hiring price / upkeep) are reworked according to special formulas based on the characteristics so that each unit is worth its money. (Thanks Okzersal)
Additional optimization (Thanks to Norinke)
•Fixed and tidied up the menu for Custom battles and Network battles (Thanks to Roman Epifanov)

• the cost and maintenance of the fleet and mercenary ships has been reduced by 25%.
•Adjustments to campaign victory conditions for Mongol
•Fixed a reusable event when the Pope took the 3rd area.

•Restored order in ALL anches of city rulers (bonuses of anches correspond to the description of bonuses) - there were many inaccuracies.
•Cleaned up all traits and anches associated with the MovementPoints bonus. (assuming that 1 is 5%)
•Reducing by 2 times the chance that the priest will turn into heresy in a failed attempt to burn him.
•Penalty to legality to the Jewish Quarter replaced with a penalty to the well-being of the population (-5%, -10%, -15% - depending on the level)
• Fix spawning of 4 rebel agents in impassable places in Scandinavia (after adjusting the map in the previous patch for hiring AI mercenary galleys in small lakes)
•Changes in the map: one lake in Scandinavia has been sketched => there will be 10 more passable points.
•Correction of one area boundary (perfectionism).

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