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Fix#3 from 28/01/2022 for Bulat Steel 2.1.5 Final+ TW (Link to download)

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Fix #3 from 28/01/2022 for Bulat Steel 2.1.5 Final+ TW:

ATTENTION! New campaign needed! (And You have to reapply scripts in BS_Setup.exe)

Do not install if you do not want to break the already started campaign.

Link for downloading Fix 3 for BS 2.1.5 Final+

English translation of BS 2.1.5 Final+ (for Fix 3)

Fix and translation are cumulative! *(contain all previous)

You need only latest fix!

Changelog of Fix #3:

•Fixing bugs with Byzantine ranks (as well as "time on the march" traits), and some other minor fixes (Thanks to Yarik)
•Correctly configured SkyNet BAI & Correct vanilla BAI when both Combat Behavior scripts are disabled in BS_Setup. (Thanks Norinka)
•Additional optimization of scripts from Norinke.
•Modernization of all GS, as well as fixing a bug in the Garrison scripts associated with the event about Constantinople (The event was abandoned, but there will be more garrison troops in Constantinople than in other cities) (Thanks to Norinke)
•The background of unit descriptions has been made lighter for better readability for Muslim, nomadic and greek cultures. (Unfortunately, the color of the unit description text cannot be changed)
•Removed dubbing hiring dismounted faris in the last level of the castle barracks
•Removed unnecessary binding of hiring dismounted Faris to religion on the last level of the castle barracks

•Correction of the attack of the eastern shooters in the rebalance from Novem.
•2 squads of Naffatuns (out of 3) at the start near Khorezm in the late campaign were replaced by other squads
•Fixed hiring of Latin shooters in disabled real hiring.

•Correction of a typo in the mass of the gun.
•Removed an unused line of flag bearer skeleton animation
•Dromon and flamethrower dromon are registered in the dry dock
•Removed entry Lithuania faction Heavy urban spearmen before the adoption of Catholicism.
•3 new family members for late Khorezm if the Mongol player.

• Adjustment of victory conditions for Poland and HRE for long campaigns
? council quest to kill the commander can now be completed by killing him in battle (not only with the assassin).
•Fixed duplication of trigger names in the traits file, and the "Foundation of Dynasties" submod.
•Fixes in some Anches of Byzantium (names, triggers)
• New sword Szczerbiec (from the 13th century can be found in Krakow).

•Buying cities from AI is now much harder and more expensive (on all AIs in the setup)
•Remaster of the Battle on Lake Peipus (Battle on the Ice) in the main menu (2 options: for Novgorod and TO)

• Adjustment of the treasury and the treasury of the ruler of the Mongol, as well as the adjustment of the money script for the Mongol Invasion script. (Mongols will finally be with money)
•Correction of the ruler's treasury for the Script of the Additional invasion of the Mongols
• Adjustments to the ruler's treasury for some factions based on tests.

- The additional Mongol invasion (Spawn) will be tied to one of the three cities (belonging to the Mongols), and the priority will be given to the one closest to Europe.
- Added 3 pools for hiring mercenaries, where there is no hiring of mercenary galleys in order to avoid their appearance in inland lakes (The hiring of other units is fully preserved)
- Map adjustments* (minimization of hiring galleys in small lakes)

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