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An update commemorating our 5 years as a team, as well as the progress on Imperial Civil War 1.2

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As you may have picked up from the title, June 7th, 2011 marks the 5 year anniversary of Thrawn's Revenge. So, as special present to our beloved fans, we have an update on the progress for Imperial Civil War 1.2.

Update Screenshots: Empire of the HandUpdate Screenshots: Empire of the Hand

Where We Stand...The only work that remains for 1.2 is two shipyard skins and general bug fixes. As usual, before we release there will be another beta released on our forums in order to flush out any remaining bugs, as there have been some significant changes since beta 1.1.1. Hopefully the release will be this month or next.
Update Screenshots: Empire of the HandUpdate Screenshots: Empire of the Hand
Moving Forward...The big question at this point is where we will go after 1.2. There are still several things that we'd like to do, including adding the Corporate Sector Authority as a minor faction, overhauling ground combat, and expanding the Empire of the Hand to just name a few. The main issue to overcome in achieving these goals is the lack of a dedicated skinner on the team. So, if you are interested in this position please email . Also, if there is anything you'd like to see added to or changed in the mod, now would be a good time to tell us on our forums.

Update Screenshots: VenatorUpdate Screenshots: New Republic Defense
We have a facebook page now, too, so if you'd like to follow us on facebook, just click here.
That's all for now,-Corey

βéϯд - - 419 comments

Nice progress guys , keep it up ;)

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Sistros - - 96 comments

Hi =) nice work, will you include and option to launch and recall fighters and a way to load troops aboard capital ships? Alliance Mod has something like that and it's way cool. Think of it please. =)

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santaniake2 - - 53 comments

Happy 5th Birthday ThrawnsRevenge!

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Stormraven40 - - 185 comments

Damn I forgot how good this mod was. Time to re-download!

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