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level design completed for the first terra map, aside from some touch ups and minor details.

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With the first Terra level basic design and areas completed, its on to the much more complicated city level.

The new version of the city is probably twice as large as the original and will feature a lot more buildings that can be entered. Idealy all buildings will have interiors of some kind as this is what I originally had wanted to do.

However combining the maps as I did in the alpha version ran into limits with the build engines abilities, so splitting up the Terra area is the way to go.

Some areas won't have to be divided, but are being totally redesigned. The basics of the south bound highway are being worked on and more work on the eastern areas which I never got to in the previous version. Those areas feature a large docking and shipping area for maritime vessels and south of that a farming community.

I've also begun adding in some unanimated dummy NPCs to fill up the areas for testing purposes. Basic AI and interaction abilities will need to be figured out. I'd like to have them stay on sidewalks/crosswalks if possible when they're in the city areas.

Also I need to fix up the penalty system to exclude enemy damage, as friendly NPCs and owned property will cause a penalty. Other changes to the penalty system will be separating your public debt from your credits, and localizing it to planets/stations as well as a reputation meter. It will be possible to have your 'contract' terminated, game over if you bring your rep too low and shooting NPCs or peace keepers directly will making near peace keeper npcs agro.

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