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Here is a small sneak peek of what to expect in the future!

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Welcome to the first sneak peek at my mod where I show you all the new units I have created so far. Hopefully you'll like them!

The first faction I will make is the 'Saradominist Kingdoms', this faction is actually a combination of 2 kingdoms: Hallowland and Entrana, the units you will see is the roster of Hallowland. Note that this isn't the entire roster, it's about 60% of the Hallowland roster. I would appreciate it if you guys could make descriptions for me so I can use them for the units. As a last note I want to say that my intention is to stick as much as possible to the runescape 2 art style. Eventually I will also redo things such as trees and grass. You may have seen some of these units in the gallery but I reworked them to make them look more like the original Runescape models :)

Sorry for any spelling mistakes in my articles, English isn't my first language.

Hallowland Knight:

Hallowland Knights are humans with 2 handed steel swords

Hallowland Crossbowman:

Hallowland Crossbowmen

Hallowland Swordman:

Hallowland Swordmen

Hallowland Spearman:

Hallowland Spearman

Hallowland Berserker:

Hallowland Berserker

Icyene Sentinel:

Icyene Sentinels are elite rangers using their magic bow to rain death upon their enemy

Commander Zilyana:

The commander of Hallowvale's army.

I hope you liked them! Let me know what I could improve.


Is this your work or the original runescape models?

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KurdishNomad Author

The first versions of zilyana and the hallowland units (you can see them in gallery) were done from scratch by me but then I found a way to cobvert the data files in the OSRS game into obj files. Saves me a lot of work since I am working on my own

I managed to convert the original models, but I had to make a lot of edits to the 3d models for them to work in RTW, all textures you see are made by me because osrs textures for a model are spread over many files so I didn't even bother looking them up ":P

Edit: Some parts of units like the knife in the sentinel's hands I added by editing runescape models since these weapons don't exist in Runescape.

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