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The Return of the Gods team is hosting tournaments to showcase our Aztec civilization!

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Return of the Gods Aztecs Tourna

First Return of the Gods Aztec Tournament!

The Return of the Gods team is hosting tournaments to showcase our Aztec civilization! These events will be smaller and intended for certain skill ranges on Age of Mythology: Extended Edition. The first tournament will be for players with a maximum of 1900 rating and will be a 16-person bracket. If demand is high, we will increase the number of participants and organize advanced/expert level tournaments. We thank our subscribers for their continued support and hope to see you on the field of battle!


- You must own the Tale of the Dragon DLC and be subscribed to the Return of the Gods mod on Steam. The link is provided here: Return of the Gods Aztec mod

- Here are a few videos that showcase the civilization. *These were uploaded some time ago; expect significant changes if you are subscribing for the first time.

English: RotG English showcase

Spanish: RotG Spanish showcase

- You must be rated 1500 - 1900 on AoM: Extended Edition. No smurfing, please. Suspicious players will be disqualified.

- Since it is an Aztec tournament, we require at least one player to play an Aztec god once per round.

- God repeats are allowed. Remember, at least one player must play Aztec once per round.

- Best 2 out of 3 in the preliminaries and quarter-finals. Semi-finals and finals will be best 3 out of 5.

- The first map per round will always be Random. Valid maps: Alfheim, Anatolia, Blue Lagoon, Ghost Lake, Marsh, Mediterranean, Midgard, Oasis, Savannah, Tundra, Watering Hole.

- Losing player picks the next map. Each map may only be played once. 1 map veto per player per round. Must be used 2 minutes or earlier into the game.

- Gaia trees are not allowed to block enemy gold mines. You may use them near your own gold mines.

- Wall chips are only allowed around towers, to save a dock builder, or to seal off a wall gap meant to be walled.

- No hunt deleting.

- No cheating of any form.

Showing up:

- Timer starts when 1 player is ready at the scheduled time and neither player is currently playing a match. Late by over 15 minutes, the opponent gains 1 match win. Late by over 30 minutes, and you are disqualified.

- 1 rescheduling opportunity is granted if external conditions have forced it. There will not be a 2nd.


- To join the tournament, you can do it through either the Spanish or English discord servers in the tournament inscriptions channel.

• Spanish

• English

- Please state your in-game name, and real rating, and confirm that you have read the rules/information. First come, first served. The event will be closed once the first 16 sign-ups are on the RotG English discord. The tournament will formally start on October 9th, 2022.

- The preliminary rounds must take place within the first 2 weeks. If a tournament moderator is not there to supervise the rounds, both players must confirm the results to us and/or send a recording as proof.

- The quarterfinals will take place in the 3rd week, and the semis and finals in the 4th and final week. The semis and finals will be co-casted by AoL_Iron_Maiden (streamer, AoM content creator) and me, Snoke (RotG Aztec team member). We must arrange the dates and times for semis and finals, so all four people are available. If we must extend the tournament due to scheduling conflicts, that will not be a problem.

- A private discord text channel will be provided where each competitor must reach out to their opponent and agree upon a set date and time to compete. Only the tournament moderators and competitors will be granted access to this channel. Once again, show up on time for your matches, and all players are limited to 1 rescheduling.

- If you miss the first Aztec tournament, fear not! We will organize more events soon after.

Event Prizes:

- Minimum $50 prize pool. AoL_Iron_Maiden handling payment arrangements.



We are also currently working on new surprises that will expand our mod and our community!

here is a little teaser preview of what's to come, stay tuned :D


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