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First release available in downloads and Also artists drop us a line if you'd like to work on the project.

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Greetings, we've been going through a bunch of things since graduating (jobs, family issues, lingering school work) and we've finally been able to start up work on the Obscura mod. The mod is available through the downloads and our website (Megaupload). Though the class is over and the project is released we're still not done. Over the next few months we'll be working on polishing the game, bug fixing, and an art asset upgrade.

Now as you can probably tell from our trailer and images the mod does have some simple models and fairly lo-tech textures. Considering our short dev time combined with a total lack of knowledge about the source pipeline we were only able to get in basic low-poly models (the mod required quite a bit of them.) and almost no time was focused on the hand, and texturing.

Our artist was a junior at the time meaning he's not really available to work on the project further so we're looking for a few artists to join us as we try and bring the mod up to a much more polished level.

What we're looking for in an artist:
Knowledge of Source pipeline.
Very proficient in texturing (models, architecture, human)
Modeling - If models can be textured to look perfect than very little modeling is required, except of course the main hand animations.
Maya knowledge preferred due to our current models being Maya based.

Now as it is right now the mod is short (just over an hour) however if we garner artists than there might be room to expand the mod - adding more levels, fleshing out more of the story, and puzzle creation. If we get to this point there will be a news post asking for talent.

Well then that's my soap box time so enjoy the mod, and feel free to give us feedback.

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