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After lots of testing and bug fixing the map is now ready to be released!

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I have not much to say anymore, grab the map from downloads section and try it out for yourself.
If you encounter any bugs or you would like something to be changed, feel free to say this.
You can also post how long you have survived. Our record is something like 16 waves witch took about 2 hours.

How to install
Make sure you have German Soldiers Mod FoH 5 installed
Extract the kolhoz folder to Men of War\mods\
Default path: Program Files\505games\1C\Men of War\mods
Steam path: Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Men of War\mods

How to play
Start up your game, go to options and mods tab. Apply GSM mod and then Kolhoz.
You need to have GSM mod loaded at first because otherwise your game will crash and wont start untill you delete kolhoz folder.
You can play Kolhoz in singleplayer if you go to campaing - bonus - kolhoz
If you want to play in coop just go to multiplayer or lan and select cooperative game mode. Kolhoz is in the map list.

Gameplay tips
-Kolhoz is very hard map and you might not get far at first time. If you keep failing, try a different strategy and position your soldiers and equipment differently.
-Find a friend to play with. Its much easier to play this in co-op when you don't have to control every soldier by yourself.
-Use the time between waves to repair vehicles, plant mines and carry wounded soldiers to medic.
-Make sure that every soldier has weapon, ammunition and bandages. You can find those in crates.
-Keep soldiers in cover from enemy vehicles.
-KV1 wreck in the map can be fixed with welder. Go near the tank with a soldier and you get the side objective. The repairs take some time and work but it's surely worth the effort.
-Use reinforcements wisely, order plane supplies just where you need them so you don't have to carry stuff around with soldiers.
-Mortar and stationary MG's can be very useful at keeping enemy out from the village but keep in mind that they run out of ammo very quickly.
-You can capture enemy tanks by destroying their engine or tracks. If the tank is unable to move when wave retreats, the crew will jump out and leave the tank behind.
-When you see that enemy brings artillery to battlefield, try to destroy it with plane reinforcements.


Big thanks to Ruffe, Huriel and Sgt.Nikoy who have helped me to create and play this map.

Music tracks
Frank Klepacki - Act On Instinct
Frank Klepacki - Grinder
Frank Klepacki - In Deep
Westwood - Hell march

If you wish to be included in these credits or you have something else to ask. Just PM me in ModDB

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