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A brief Synopsis of the plot of the Kotor 3 Fallout 4 Mod, how much is complete, and how much needs to be done.

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This is A mod that will cover what I imagine should have been the story for Star Wars: Knights if the Old Republic 3. It is somewhat inspired by the obsidian developer interview where they guy said something like "the game will be about exploring this dark empire that has been untouched and growing in secret for hundreds of years. What would that be like?" Those were not the exact words, but it went something like that. It is Also inspired by the story for Revan and the exile that Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO had in place for the characters, but I felt that story did not give Revan and The Exile credit. They were very powerful Jedi, and I doubt them so easily defeated by the emperor. Furthermore, The Exile's companion Lord Scourge had visions of there defeat much time before it happened, why did they not prepare more? And i find it a slap in the face that One Jedi defeated the emperor but Revan and The Exile Couldn't. So that's where this mod comes in. The story basically goes as follows:

You are the exile. The game starts off with you waking up on Dantooine, in a cave. You have a brief amnesia and don't remember where you are or how you got there. A short time later you meet up with a scout of the Jedi enclave, one of many who have been looking for you, and he tells you that you left the academy two days ago and no one has seen you. You return to the Jedi Enclave (The Exile has somewhat restored the Jedi order in the past years and they have reconstructed and remodeled the entire enclave to completely restore it from damage) to be informed that T3-M4 has gone off into the wilderness looking for you and you set off to find him. I don't want to spoil anything else, but when you find him he will reveal how to find Revan and you will set off looking for him. At this point i am not sure if I can get a T3-M4 companion into fallout 4 as it is a really custom robot, and if I cannot figure anything out T3-M4 will be destroyed and you will recover his memory core or something and maybe there will be an Automatron style companion with a T3-M4 head or something but that's all up in the wind. But yeah, you set off to find Revan and with him you go and do some epic stuff, probably (you guessed it) ending with an epic boss battle against the emperor.

So yeah. Environments and Interiors are about thirty percent complete (the first 3 planets including Dantooine are nearly complete, as well as the Academy/Enclave Interior as well as the Ebon hawk inside and out are complete) so I now have room to start creating quests for the first part of the game and I need to start worrying about getting creature models, and armor models into the game both of which I am not skilled at making. I also need someone to help spruce up my story with twists and turns and write Dialogue. Voice actors will be needed in the future, but not yet. If you can help out, check the Help Needed post in General Discussion for more info.

Thanks for reading this and I hope it gets you hyped up! I will post more screenshots of cool things as they are made on this website and keep people update. I know allot of people have high hopes for the Kotor 3 game that will hopefully still come out sometime, and I hope this mod hits the spot as best it can! Thank you and have a wonderful Day. :)


Hey, I'm kinda new to modding and programming but I'd be more than happy to help. I have worked on a big mod for skyrim but that was with a tool kit. I can help with the story plot, quest ideas, characters and dialog. I'll start learning more on 3d modeling and stuff so i can be a bigger help later.

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