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The first news which contains some infos about "Crazy"

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Hi fans,

In this news I want to post some infos:

  • I will use the old "Celestial Bodies" mod which wasn't updated since Entrenchment
  • I want to create different titan-explosions
  • The "Garda Flak Frigate" will be equipped with flak turrets
  • A titan for the pirates
  • IMPORTANT: The MiniDump when closing the game is fixed

Also a friend will make new galaxy maps, especially 5vs5 and 2vs2vs2

Comment this news, tell me how do you like the mod and what could be changed.



I am enjoying the mod greatly good job cant wait to see what you do next, what are ship graveyard are they like astoriod belts or something.

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TheyCallMeProphet Author

Ship graveyards are empty, but random ships spawn at them. They can be captured, and if you're lucky, you get a very strong capital ship that has the abilities of the Nanosuit 2.0 in Crysis 2 :D

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Thanks :)

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Hey it doesn't start.minidump error please ix it.

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