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First new about the Game and some more Stuff. Also please note the summary field must be at least 50 characters in length. I had some nice cili some minutes ago and a beer and now i am going to smoke something you might know.

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Current status:

ATM me and ceriux are working on the codingpart, also various ppl helped with some
first models.

ATM we have the following stuff in the work:

  • Complete customized weaponsystem (Firingfinctions and Reloading can now added easier)
  • Nice weapon and Bulleteffects (Bullets sparks of the wall, rifles acting complete different)
  • Ingame Menu for selecting Weaponclass*
  • Smaller ingamemenu like in NZP for navigating thru the options, add bot etc...
  • Cool new entities like Usefunction and effects (like Electronic short-circuit effects etc..)
  • Map specific entities (Generator turn on lights in the Bunkermap and cant be turned off again)
  • Engine is heavy modified and based on Bakers newest ProQuake 4.71
  • Singleplayer has been kicked out
  • Respawn timer (player needs to wait 3 seconds for respawn)*
  • Planned objective gamemode (example: Allies must destroy some stuff, axis must protect it)

* = Not finished and buggy.

Also atm there are 5 new maps in the work and some re-used unreleased NZP Maps and 2 from
my old unreleased Wolfenstein mod.

Talking about Wolfenstein Arcade:
I stopped developing that because i lost motivation and it was kinda risky to use a bunch of
ripped models, and i dont want Activisions feet in my ass. xD

Also if you want to help with mapping and modeling just write me a PM on moddb :)


man i am happy, first black mesa, now a new game by mabuse. My gamer ******* are sky high

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Haha nice job mabuse :D

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So this article linked on .qc is about Cause of War: 1944 - see the note below.

I'm curious to know if this will also run under quake on the PC?
It looks cool and I'll check it out if it does.

And about anything wolfenstein or other cross mod games - original materials and models are best replaced by re-texture packs and model remakes that have been released GPL or open license.

Note: however this was posted it does not include the game title on the .qc page!
It took me a moment to find out the related game "Cause of War: 1944" linked on the right is the mod described.

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dr_mabuse1981 Author

Yes PC port is planned too.

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No singleplayer ;(

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