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Solys - is physics-powered creative line-drawing puzzle. First release by League Of Developers, russian student educational team.

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We've all been dreaming about games like this in childhood, and we all have seen dozens of games like this in a past few years. So what's different about Solys?

We are student team of independent developers and we study sometimes. One day one of us visited math class and found out, that Bezier curves can be very useful. So we took it as a basis and built an idea around it.

Our developers took popular format with line-drawing puzzle and applied newly learned Bezier magic to it, result was cool, but still mediocre. First, we came up with this

photo 2018 04 25 15 06 09

This is first level of the game, sorry for playthrough spoiler.

Then we've figured out, that we can add up some new mechanics, like gravity alteration

photo 2018 04 25 15 06 48

Ball started to move pretty chaotic, so we've decided to make our players conquer this chaos and manage it. So we added acceleration and velocity boosters, like in pinball.

Since amount of action became so high, we expanded game field out of a device screen to create more tactical and analytical levels.

photo 2018 04 25 17 41 05

Our creativity flew way ahead of our opportunities, so we stopped at 80 levels. We did not add any complicated mechanics to keep game simple, yet non-directive and non-linear.

Game encourage you to use less lines to get more stars, which are currency to buy level packs. However, majority of levels has high replayability and you can beat it as creative as you want.

Solys is free to play, available on Play.Market. It is our first game, so we'll be happy to get as much feedback as possible.

photo 2018 04 25 15 07 17

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