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Summary of changes on Portal Remastered for the last nine months.

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Hello! :)

Nine months passed from the last article. School takes me many time, but I can work on the game sometimes. Today, I come here to tell you all the changes brought on the game.

Changes on the game

In the comments of my last article, many people have made me notice that some 3D models were a bit cubical. It's now fixed on all 3D models used on the game, including those you can't see for the moment. You can see the result on the screenshot below. ;)

Since the last article, I've worked hard on the lightning of the level. The final result (at least for now) does not really match the original game, but I think it's pretty good.

Result of models' smoothed out versions with the new lightning of the level

Level progression

First, the progression of the level. The level is finished at approximately 50%. The Relaxation Vault room, the first test and the elevator are ready. However, the elevator can't move yet. It's the next task on my list! ;)

Obviously, I can't say this without showing new parts of the level. There are two screenshots.

The first Test Chamber of the game

The elevator, after exiting the first Test Chamber


The main menu's background has been updated, for corresponding with the level. Both was very different from one another after all those changes. The settings menu has been updated too, and this menu is now fully functional. As a reminder, you can find this menu in the main menu of the game.

The menu allows you to :

  • change the resolution of the game ;
  • change the game quality (5 levels available) ;
  • turning on/off the vertical synchronization (VSync) ;
  • turning on/off full screen.

Here are all the changes brought on the game for nine months. Hope you like them, and stay tuned for other news in the next months! :)

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