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Tech demo video including our unique gameplay feature that allows you to alter your surroundings with the use of emotional planes.

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Sorry for the silence past month, we were busy working on a tech demo and it surely has paid off! Most of the assets you will see in the video are placeholders, including the inventory and Shade model. In this tech demo we showcase our Emotional Planes feature that allows player to use emotions to affect objects around him.

The emotions used in the video are the following:

Denial: Contradicts a state of an object, resulting in the opposite.
Bargaining: Affects the default state, changing direction or speed of an object.
Anger: Enhances default state of an object.
Depression: Reduces the default state, often resulting in slowing, freezing or falling apart.

The final version will feature additional emotions. Emotions will also affect much more than puzzles objects, we want them to fully change a scene, including vanity items that are of no use to the player, an eye-candy to make the world more living. Emotions can't jump-start a car or unlock a locked door but they will affect organic and dynamic objects, altering their behavior and state. This feature will greatly enrichen the puzzle design as well as storytelling.

Later in the video you will see a Shade, silhouette of a man sitting on a bench. Shades are neither people nor ghosts, they are images of humans who existed in the world before the incident, their thoughts and feelings now burned into it's atmosphere. You can't have a conversation with them, you can't interact with them, you can only see and hear their thoughts, often giving you clues on the puzzles and story. Some Shades will be stuck in a certain emotional plane, telling you a story by their location and pose.

There are still some small hickups in the navigation (jumping is still work in progress), most of art assets are placeholders, but we felt it was good enough to show our concept. The video shows one of earlier puzzle concepts in the game, thus it is pretty simple, mostly to showcase the gameplay. Let us know what you think!

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Wow, first time seeing this project, and I think it's amazing, and beautiful! You've won yourself a tracker and potential customer.

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awesssomme so happy to see something from you guys, keep tracking for some time and was wondering where this is going and Im amazed =D

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I second everyone else TRACKED!!

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Looks beautiful so far, my only complaint is how the state of objects changes instantly when you change to anger, before the change in the environment(color,music) has finished or is even noticeable. A question: does changing the mood affect everything in the environment?
Anyways, good luck! Voted for you in the contest.

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Araklaj Author

Ah yes, the anger change was too sudden because of a a compromise we had to make for this demo last minute. Our intention for the release are to allow all objects to take at least as much time as color to change, so it looks natural (see water in lake and gust water turning to ice).

Changing the mood affects natural forces like water, wind and fire, as well as physics of dynamic objects like changing the moving speed of a swaying object or turning an object that can be turned but is too heavy for the Child (pipe, in this case).

Thank you for your feedback!

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