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The first details of the upcoming Space Patch 1.2!

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Hello dear community,

To begin we would like to thank you once again for your support in the first phase of the Mod of the Year 2013 voting. There are still 53 hours left to vote in Phase 1, so please continue to spread the message as after that we will know whether we made it into the Top 100 again or not.

Mod of the Year 2013 KICKOFF!

But now, let us focus on the real topic of this news: The first details of the upcoming Space Patch 1.2!

The bug which made the map "Decision at the Supergate" nearly unplayable was fixed!
A central game mechanic of this map, namely the Supergate, can now be destroyed and recaptured by yourself or an enemy.

MOTY 2013 - Phase 1: Bug fixes

Furthermore, this patch introduces two new maps which both will feature unique elements which are shown in the following pictures:

MOTY 2013 - Phase 1: Space Patch 1.2

MOTY 2013 - Phase 1: Space Patch 1.2

Today we want to reveal the name and the gameplay of one of the maps:
The second picture was taken in the map "Escape from the minefield" and the key game element is of course the mines which are placed around the map.

Escape from the minefield

Map description:
The Lucian Alliance has set up a huge minefield in a solar system and send out a fake distress call to lure the Tau'ri into the trap. The Odyssey was dispatched but was unable to escape the mines and a
whole Tau'ri fleet is now on its way to rescue the ship and its crew. Meanwhile Anubis has intercepted the distress call and wants to investigate the minefield, since it consists of modified
Goa'uld mines. Even the Wraith are on the way, after they detected an extremely powerful energy
signature originating from within the mine field on their journey through the Milky Way...

Goa'uld mines:

Goa'uld mines

The Lucian Alliance uses automated mines to take enemy ships out of action. This allows them to be
boarded or destroyed without great losses. The mines detonate when an enemy ship is within range,
causing damage to shields and hull.

Of course those are not the only changes in Space Patch 1.2!
Here is a small extract of what is still to come:

- New skydomes
- Build-up animation added for all resource mines

- New explosion effect for the ice asteroids on the Hebridan map

- Corvette class ships deal less damage against starbases

- New skirmish map descriptions for all maps

A complete changelog will be published at release.

The most important thing comes at the end:

Space Patch 1.2 will be published this month!

Till the next news,

Sincerely yours,
the Stargate Modding Group

axasin - - 19 comments

what??????? you serious?????? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS the newest patch :o i totally love this mod, if it was up to me this would be on the top 5 :o i serious love this mod and now tpc rule!!!!!!! saying this in other words you rule all rule Stargate Modding Group!!!!!

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xPearse - - 2,462 comments


How about releasing the damn thing fully, you guys have been keeping us going for years.

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Klon116 Author
Klon116 - - 721 comments

Don't worry...we soon as it's done ;)

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Guest - - 692,481 comments

You know the old saying "Never punch a gift horse in the mouth"? It's something you should consider a wise idea.

The fully developed mod is a total conversion. Basically a full new game. For FREE. They really have no need to explain to you or anyone why this takes some time or why they have to release it in parts like they do.

If you can't be happy with what they release, don't play it.

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BennyLafitte - - 27 comments

I agree, they're using up their own time to make this mod when they could be doing other stuff.

Sure its been years, but its worth the wait, they did a good job on the space skirmish and I'd say CC and land skirmish will be just as good.

Don't rush them they're working as fast as they can.

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AC-Suchti - - 158 comments

If you want the full mod to be released earlier, the only thing you can do is to help us ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 692,481 comments

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kingofkings0809 - - 113 comments

ppl need to stop bitching about how long it takes to mod a game. i mean think about the models and textures. it a pain. even the xml files for ships and starbases are hard just to change. it took me almost a day just to change all the ships and fire power and rate so just calm down over this waiting crap its not going to kill you.

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