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Latest updates regarding the development of Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat. Passing over things like art/meshes, game modes and content we're cutting our way though.

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Hey everyone - I've been wanting to post a few screens regarding some progress on Fatal Velocity but felt I needed to focus more on the content and level creation before going ahead with this. Now that I'm starting to lock down the asset creation and style I wanted to share some screens!



The idea for the overall aesthetic of the game is to be clean, lil gloss here and there, and industrial - but industrial clean... does that make sense? Like a car factory clean - but cleaner.... I'm aiming for the style of Mirrors Edge colors and Halo bevel style. The screens are very rough examples of what I'm aiming for, with every intention to retexture them if in the long run they aren't the vibe I'm after.

We also just added CTF game mode and because I've never played a CTF game mode with a Spider-Man grapple hook, I almost immediately realized that the flag needs to be airborne OR increase the speed at which players can kill themselves hitting the ground (which is a total possible idea I may end up doing). Point is, this is a new thing - andddd I'm going to be conducting a LOT of tests to make sure it fits well!

As we all know growing a community is a challenge for any new developer and as I'm always looking for playtesters, I'll leave a link below to the Steam Group Community if you'd like to get in on some playtesting! Fatal Velocity Steam Group Page

Finally, I wanted to mention that I create development vlogs during the game progress to show people what's currently going on, the why's and how's and any other topics like design/marketing etc.! Hit the sub button if you feel like following progress!

Thanks everyone and have a great long weekend!

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