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Early access will be available on July 24th. In case you haven't boarded the beta train yet, learn what makes our combat engaging.

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Without an exciting combat system, adventure games can feel like walking simulators. To prevent this, our team has added unique interactions and choices to make combat feel more dynamic. Taking a minute to strategize which direction to knock back an enemy can heavily swing a fight into your favor.

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Skill-based combat

When dealing a fatal blow to an enemy, you get the chance to knock them back. Since most enemies have death effects, this combat trick can feel very rewarding. Pushing a Roaming Flame towards another foe can result in an easy double kill. Instead of going for a swim in a pool of lava, try knocking back a skeleton to create an icy bridge.

Push Boom oom on Ice

Push Bridge Gif

Throw away that butter knife

Unless you plan on shaving a giant’s hairy back with that puny knife, I’d suggest wielding an enchanted weapon. Some of these magical blades will help overcome the odds by summoning a powerful elemental while others will help you out maneuver any foe chasing you down.

Ice Enchant

Swap Enchant Screenshot Text

Outwit hostile enemies

Each monster has their own personality in regards to how passive or aggressive they act. Aggressive enemies are so blinded by their rage that they won’t notice a bear trap until it bites them in the a$$. You can also creatively use your foes as meat shields to evade getting hit by poisonous darts.

Bear Trap

Trap Gif

Our game page is now live on

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Bazlik_Commander - - 312 comments

I must board the beta train now, ..and learn what makes your combat engaging :D

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