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To celebrate our upcoming release, this week we're showcasing a few enemy units from Firestone Saga.

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After several redesigns, all of the enemy units in Firestone Saga have their own behaviors and abilities. Aggressive foes will chase you down like you owe them money. Meanwhile, some foes are more likely to run away and take a power nap in the corner, like my QA team. Each enemy encounter feels like a mini puzzle and the key to successfully advancing to the next floor is figuring what their next move will be.

Firestone Saga Enemy Guide

Roaming Flame

This flame explodes and freezes nearby tiles when you strike it down. Knocking back this unit in the right direction can open new passageways or rack up deadly combo kills.

Firestone Saga Boom Combo KillFirestone Saga Boom Secret

Floating Eye

I think our dev team was half asleep when they designed an enemy who can summon lightning from across the entire screen. Luckily, the lightning strike can be used against other foes.

Firestone Saga Eye DodgeFirestone Saga Eye Dodge2

Sleepy Giant

Don't let this passive beast fool you. He gets very cranky whenever someone disturbs his slumber. Sneaking up and assassinating him before he awakes is the best strategy to deal with this formidable foe.

Firestone Saga Giant Fail

Early access for Firestone Saga will be available July 24th. Follow us on Twitter for more updates.

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Thumbs up! Looks pretty cool!

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