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DONE! The game is finally COMPLETE! Main game is 100% complete, we have all the 9 arenas in 3 different gameplay modes and a new MAP system.

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DONE! The game is finally complete!

We have uploaded a new version on STEAM! The game has soooo many changes that it will force new save-games (will do it automatically), old ones are now obsolete.
This version has also a lot of fixes, new hints, new rooms and more cut scenes plus a complete new features.

Here's the list:

  • A new MAP SYSTEM, related to the collectable-items. The maps shows all the Sectors in the satellite HOPE-12 with your path, the SynBs position, number of d-Disks found and if the Sector was purified (>> object done, level complete). It's very useful and make the journey clearer (even more if you don't play for a while and come back to continue..).Take a look:



  • We have completed the IT localization, it takes a lot of time, more then expected sadly… we will move on with other languages, at least that’s the plan. Alessio fixed all the bugs of the editor and added some feature for knowing which sentence was changed and a better backup system.


  • Alessio has changed a bit the hit detection of the Kebre, the first boss… it will change with the difficult level, so if you are a beginner :P maybe (MAYBE..) you will make it to Sector-02. MAYBE :D You can see the areas in the image, the black zones are the parts that you hit with the firing of your weapons (and are of course invisible):


  • Throwing bombs now is a bit faster and so more enjoyable
  • We have some new in game E-mails from NO-END and some new cut-scenes that introduce the player a bit more to the gameplay, with a bit of infos about the SynBs and the Activator. We decided it could be a good idea after a friend of mine (from UK) played the game and told us his impressions.
  • Arenas: DONE AND COMPLETE! The game modes for the arena mode are still 3 and for each one there are 3 different sectors with a different weapons asset – for a total of 9 different arenas.
    We have added new names (that give an idea of what’s going on..) and changed the weapons list and specs, for making them great experience, let’s hope you will love them ;) . We reduced also the in-game map size (in the left corner), so you can see more icons on screen and planing your moves .
  • On the ALTERED SIGNAL arenas we recalculate the noise effect, it will start sooner but with less.. noise and become stronger with a better progression. In the previous version it started late and strong and we were not completely satisfied with it .

Some pics:




tbc_arenaWIP07 tbc_arenaWIP04

The loading time for any arena was also reduced drastically – you will see. ;)

That’s all, hope you are happy for the news and we hope also you will play and enjoy and then spread the word!
For any feedback or problem remember to write on the official game HUB!

Thanks a lot, have a great week end and take care!



Great New TSATT!

May your game have many purhcases!

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mrKaizen Author

TKS! We hope so! ;) At least for making the next game - during the day and not the night :P
take care ;)

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