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Few more fixes and last minute tweaks. Should be live tomorrow or the day after it.

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Sorry for the delay people.

I can't help myself when I'm having connection problems. Plus weird weather patterns creating heavy rains cause unexpected blackouts, sometimes corrupting the data or unable to save that I have to redo it again. As you can see on the release date, that's when I'm supposed to update my mod.

Leaving that, here's more expected changes added:

-Terror Drones deal more damage against the heaviest units. (Oni Mechs and Apocalypse)
Seeing that toughest outer armors have a certain weakspot, I tried this idea.

-Decreased delay on Natasha Bombing Run. Appears faster.
-Desolator Airstrike appearance delay reduced. Same as precision strike.
-New Sleeper Ambush effect. Added unique beacon effect as placeholders for the 9 second delay. TBs appear at the last second. See the new images.

-Unique beacon effect for Magnetic Sattelite, Magnetic Singularity and Chrono Rift.
-Implemented patch 1.11 chrono rift reduced delays.
-Directional armor damage intervals increased. 15% difference for light vehicles, 10% for mediums, default 5% for heavy units (Oni Mechs and Apocalypse)
-Tesla Tank now has it's own armor template, instead of inheriting Base Submarine armor.
-Shogun Battleship turret turn speed halved. New projectile detonation effects.
-Battleship and Dreadnought projectiles unable to follow moving objects working correctly now. Finally

-V4 Launcher rocket first launch height reduced so it reaches the target slightly faster.
-Shinobis unattackable when in smoke bomb now correctly works. Finally

-Shinobi blade now only usable when in smoke bomb mode. Effective silent kills.
-Japan Conyard now has larger build radius. Same as Soviets.
-Added RA1 Anti-Infantry tesla coil weapon, short range 3 discharges for 3 seconds.
-Both Oni Mechs and Battleship limited ability range to avoid wasting runs when unable to hit the target.


Glad to hear about the decreased arrival time for Natasha's Badger bombers.

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Sounds like the best one yet :)

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