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The final week is upon us, so here is the last of our updates for you before the trailer release on Monday 9th.

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So here we are, very close to the deadline. Just 1 week to go. It's been a very trying time, with new issues creeping into the production and frustrations running very high. Our biggest issue is that we simply did not organise ourselves properly. However, we know now what we need, so all we have to do is meet the targets.

So far we have the second level functionally complete, with the first level needing some extra touches. Art-wise, we are also very close to being finished, though some of the weapons need rigging and exporting, and there are a few minor assets to export. Better textures also need to be created for the terrain.

Of course, the game isn't the only hand-in for our course. In-fact, the one thing we must have is a trailer. We plan to make this trailer out of captured footage once the art assets are finalised. We hope to upload it on the day that we hand in, which will be Monday 9th of August. At the same time, we will also present to you three promotional posters for our game.

During this week we will be adding yet more art to our galleries, so keep your eyes peeled.

-Joseph Adams
Team Leader

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