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Unofficial PS2 Crack-life port is finally released!

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I have bad news and good news.

Crack-life is finally released on the PS2!

It is based on my PC Edition (beta) mod and contains all features from it.

Default configuration file of this mod contains binds for cheats: L3 - god mode, R3 - no clip, select - give weapons and ammo. Eject memory cards before starting the game or delete existing configuration file from memory card if you want to enable these cheats.

Known bugs: there are lots of heavy slowdowns due to poor quality of original materials. There are also some bugs that I am too lazy to fix. Some features that rely on custom client.dll are not working here because it is (almost) impossible to modify PS2 game code. But because nobody cares about this mod I consider this state to be OK for release.

Have fun with this mod (if you can).

And now to the good news.

I made some progress on Uplink and Blue Shift mods. No more crashes on real PS2, saves are working now and ugly texture checkerboarding is finally fixed. Expect Uplink mod beta update within the next week and Blue Shift second alpha update within upcoming 2 weeks.

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