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The article shares info regarding the completion of the Options Menu, in-game Help Screen and Feud game mode.

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Salam! I hope everyone's doing well!

I'll be picking up right from where I left off the last time around, which was the prototype Options Menu. The prototype I showed you guys in the last article only showed the selections you had made on-screen but did not apply them to the game itself. Over the last few days, the Options Menu has been fully implemented and now applies any changes you have made to the game when you go Back. Here's a screenshot of the completed version:
Completed Options Menu

Visually, it's almost the same as the prototype. The only change that's been made is the removal of the "Invert Mouse" option. Everything else is in its place and fully functional. For those of you who may be curious as to how the Options Menu was added to the UI, or the UDKFrontEndMap as its technical name goes, I would recommend using this tutorial as a starting point. Instead of having to spend a good deal of time figuring out what to change and where, this guy pointed me to all the right places and gave me a quick start. The rest I was able to figure out and implement by myself.

I've also added an in-game Help Screen bound to F10 that'll allow you to view all of the default Key Binds and important Console Commands from within the game. With this, you'll no longer need to go through the engine reference or read the ini files to look up these pieces of info. However, if you need to change a Key bind, you'll still need to use the SetBind command or make changes to the appropriate ini files for your changes to take effect. I apologize if that comes across as unwelcome.
Help Screen

These past few days also saw the completion of the Feud game mode. A new rule that I've added along the way is that using melee on your target will earn the team 3 points while a normal kill a single point. Feud mode has been tested and can be played both in Instant Action against bots and in Multiplayer against other people as well as bots. Below is a screenshot of Feud mode against bots. It shows me trying to take down a target.
Feud Game Mode 2

The info text shows the name of the target and my distance from him. I wish I could upload videos as well along with screenshots, but I have no video editing skills and my internet bandwidth makes uploading high quality videos borderline impossible.

Next, I'll be working on the Ghost Hunt mode but before that I'll make the map for it, which'll not only be used in Ghost Hunt but in Death Match as well as its derivatives. The idea I've finalized for the map is that of an abandoned battlefield bunker/prison camp that has become derelict and is slowly being reclaimed by the nature surrounding it. This is going to be my first map/level design experience so I hope it turns out well. I know Feud already has two maps, Deck and Necropolis, and even though I can use them and did make some changes to them, those maps are originally examples provided by Epic Games with UDK and do not come under my work.

Thanks for reading, and as always, looking forward to feedback!

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Very nice!

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Sohair Author
Sohair - - 478 comments

Thank you! I hope you try the game and like the features I've built into it. :)
I also had a look at your game, Fortis Rex. It's looking good! I'm still in the learning phase right now but I hope to make games like that one day. :D

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