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This article is a feature list and an introduction to Ferocious Battlefront.

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Hello !

If you having been pondering about downloading the mod, or simply want to now which particular features it includes, this article is for you.

So, first things first, this mod aims to bring the most thrilling experience as possible to the Battlefront players, while allowing them to use the mod with every map ever done for Star Wars Battlefront 1, it is a total conversion of Battlefront's Galactic Civil War era to a non Canon era, opposing the Galactic Terellian Alliance to the Clone Rebel Army, bringing previously unseen powerful ordnance into Battlefront, while keeping an absolutely perfect balance to the game.

The first noticeable feature of the mod is of course Speed, every unit's speed has been reworked to give the player more control over his movements, run faster to command posts and of course to make the experience more challenging, and thrilling.

The second, health, armors have been given a boost, players can now withstand more consistent punishment, which makes combat slightly longer, and more challenging, while offering more chances of survival in Hard difficulty settings, however, there's a throwback, you'll have to spend significantly more time to regenerate your health to a dispenser.

The third, pickups, they have been revamped in order to reflect each unit's specialty, as an example, you'll have more chances to pick up big health&ammo boosts upon killing a medic, and ammo resupplies for a heavy gunner.

Last but not least, rebalancement, in the vanilla game, chances are that you'll find yourself as weak as a child in close combat when picking classes such as the vanguard or the scout, now, they have been given powerful weapons to become as deadly as their soldier counterparts.

And finally, as long as a map uses stock .lvl files, the mod is compatible with it, so you can enjoy all the marvelous content created by the community with Ferocious Battlefront !

Ferocious Battlefront

For more content and particularly videos, remember to visit my channel :

I hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed creating it !

Have fun !


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