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We want feedback, please use the links provided. Hope you feel like giving it.

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So we are anxious for more feedback, you can leave feedback here on moddb.

Or there are several other ways, TheHubGames Forums here: Portal have to go into the main forum, and the CnC section for the relevant thread.

Official Boards:

Or you can drop by and talk to us in realtime on Xfire just add me here, and include a message stating what you want to talk about:

We would like any feedback at all, so long as it is constructive, and we are always looking for more coders.

So please drop by and givew us your thoughts, we await your reply.

Thanks for reading, The Community Patch Team.

aldazo - - 6 comments

Yes, I have some suggestions, but it is not about balancing, it is about "special effects" (sound and visual), hahaha. Seriously, have you played the "Shock Therapy" mod? it improves a lot the special effects of the game. I think the patch would be better if it uses some of these improvments. For example:

- Allied walls rescaled to fix hub-to-segment gaps.
- Tank shells have their respective models and trails
- Camera shake for more awe inspiring explosions
- All aircraft death fx slightly improved
- New smoke trails, unique for each faction
- Added camera shake to all scale-worthy explosions
- Naval and Amphibious units water locomotor slightly improved to prevent units being stuck at beaches

Off course you would have to ask for permission to the Shock Therapy's mod author first.

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aldazo - - 6 comments


and for unit's specific examples:

Empire of Rising Sun
- Yari Minisub: Added new fx when Yari kamikaze accelerates to the target
- Tank Buster: Updated burrow fx, added muzzle fx when firing.
- Rocket Angel: Updated Photon Rocket fx
- Tengu: New tracer textures, added VTOL unit distortion fx when in mecha form.
- Tsunami Tank: Modified energized armor fx, updated projectile detonation fx.
- VX Unit: Updated Rocket exhausts, modified weapon systems to match model. Chopper dust fx added.
- Waveforce Artillery: Added preattack charge fx, camera shake on fire.
- Seawing: weapon now has rocket models, modified to match unit model.
- Shogun Battleship: Updated shell detonation fx, and projectile trails.
- Defender VX: New tracer textures, rocket exhausts and modified rocket weapon systems

- Engineer: now has Uprising healing aura
- Guardian: Updated projectile detonation fx
- Athena Cannon: Satellite beam now fades after attack
- Assault Destroyer: Improved weapon fire sound, updated projectile detonation fx.
- Aircraft Carrier: Added EMP missile detonation fx, new target cursor.
- Apollo: Added Jet FX when using Return ability. VTOL distortion seen when taking off, landing, and mid-air.
- Cryo Satellite: Beam now fades after use

- Hammer Tank: changed leech beam color to red (suggested)
- Apocalypse Tank: changed leech beam color to red (suggested)
- MiG: VTOL distortion seen when taking off, landing, and mid-air.
- Twinblade: Dust/Wake FX while airborne

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aldazo - - 6 comments

And for balancing, I am not an expert, I think the patch adds an overall improvement, but if I can suggest something (taken again from shock therapy), it could be:

- King Oni: Added melee attack weapon. Bull Rush ability limited activation range to use it's full capacity.
- Tank Buster: Ambush Support Power delay time decreased from 10 to 5.
- Kirov Airship: Tesla Bombs when heroic, also FX. Death weapon damage and radius increased.
- Dreadnought: V4 Toxic Warheads when heroic, also FX.

Again, I'm not an expert, these are just suggestions, all from the Shock Therapy mod. I know that the patch 1.13 is meant for "balancing" but for what purpose? Answer: to improve the game's experience. And, what would be the consequences of better special effects? Answer: game's experience improvement. So, as I see it, these changes could make this patch 1.13 even better; even more, the improvements already exists and are part of the shock therapy mod! Maybe it is not that much easer to import that changes to your patch but defenitly you could give it a try . Off course you would have to ask for permission to the Shock Therapy's mod author first.

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