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Going over the changes that took place over the last month, including the new antlion king model, new textures, new maps, and even a new NPC.

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Hello again everyone, yet another month has passed. This update took a bit longer than usual, due to a mix of events happening in real life, as well as a lot having been worked on. New models, textures, programming, and maps. Let’s get started.

After many months of working on my modeling skills, I’ve begun to rework old models. Anything made from September-December of 2022 is being touched up on. Some models are being completely redone, while others are receiving updates to their current models. Some notable examples are various Xen fauna, many of which were created in September originally. The gas flier is also receiving a facelift, though not finished. And how could i forget, the Antlion King has had a complete makeover.


IMG 2626

The Xen fauna has also received some touch ups. The body has been made thinner and smoother, giving it a more organic feel. The “roots” have also been given some variation, giving it a more natural feel. The fauna has also received updates to the UV map, now wrapping seamlessly across the body. Here’s a look at that.

3 1

Another focus of mine this month was improving textures. I have been doing research into ways to make nice, seamless textures. After some struggles, I think I’ve come to a good result. In the preview image, you will see an example of the new texture, along with many small tweaks. I’ve began learning how to correctly create my own detail sprites, using XBLAH’s modding tool and photoshop. Another thing you’ll see is the new roots textures, used alongside the Xen growths. A work in progress Xen fauna can also be seen.

4 1

A new NPC has also been added to the roster, that being baby tentacles. These guys come in multiple sizes, waiting in the shadows for an unsuspecting target to cross their paths. The code itself is almost fully finished, as well as the model and texture. A stationary enemy with the main purpose of punishing players who might not have stopped to take a complete look at their surroundings.

5 1

The following render was made by Marco.

Untitled 18

Something else I’ve been working on is the intro sequence. We all know by now that chapter 1 opens up with the player waking up outside of a crashed train. Now, I have mapped out the interior of the razor train. I figured this would help build some suspense, before the player steps foot into the wastelands below. There is also a worldbuilding sequence that takes place between the prologue and the train crash. Here’s a look at the WIP train interior. This will most likely be used as the background map, since in the final game the train interior will be partially destroyed due to the crash.

6 1

Mapping has also been worked on this month. As usual, both Marco and I have been working hard on perfecting our workflows. We took a lot of time studying displacements, and creating believable terrain. Chapter one is set in a rocky area with large mountains and uneven terrain, and as a result we have both been putting time into making this work.

7 1

8 1

10 1

9 1

11 1

These are all images from the new d1_wasteland_02. This is still a work in progress, but I like the direction so far. We really want to create a sense of openness, which will be explored in the later areas of this map and further maps.

Well! That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed seeing what’s being worked on. As always, if you’d like to leave feedback i can be reached on Discord at Zapagoogas#9716 or you can come join our server at See ya next month

FlippedOutKyrii Online
FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,533 comments

Great work for a single month, my dude!

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neophus - - 584 comments

Nice atmosphere !

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FreeSlave - - 277 comments

Will the gasflyer and other mushroom-like creature from RTB book (I think it doesn't have a name?) have any gameplay mechanics or they're just decorative?

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zapagoogas Author
zapagoogas - - 41 comments

The gas flyer is its own complete enemy. It's currently about 85% done code wise. The xen fauna you're referring to is just decorative though.

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