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MSC returns, just after Valentine's Day, to show that it still loves you - then comes back a few days later with flowers to apologize for getting over excited on that awkward evening.

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* Sage advice from the Descartes Troll.

This optional** patch has all the goodness of FEB2015a plus:

MSC Full Installer FEB2015d
MSC Full Installer FEB2015d

• Shield buggery. *
• Scriptflag issues causing push resistance not to register and the like.
• Various monster DOT/AOE registration issues.
• Multi-map global quest tracker issues (Shadahar and Lodagond, among others.)
• Boss tag FN XP multipliers failing.
• Rune Blade issues.
• Tomahawk issues.
• Bunch of other minor stuffs.

Map Fixes:
• Bloodrose:
- Flesheater Crash (Possibly)
• Fmines:
- Musak (Recompile pending for some new chests)
• Rmines:
- Vanishing mob issues
- Abyssal Worm teleport issues
- Abyssal Worm chest issues
- Abyssal Worm resource issues (now suspends all spawns while present).
- Blood Goblin Chieftain boss recurrence chance and chest
- Slime boss now appears
• The_Wall: *
- Insta-death on spawn. (Go hug Forsuth for us, he's been lonely!)

* Requires client have patch.
** FEB2015c or later is currently required to play on [FN] (and FEB2015d is required to play The_Wall.)

Should be the last patch of the month. Beware, again, come MAR2015, or whenever the next patch is ready, Rmines, Fmines, and Underpath will be hidden-flagged maps, as per Oyster's demands. (Assuming we can get this darn Gatecity source to behave.)

Comes in both full installer and update patch variants...


Haha, gotta download it later the day after tomorrow, can't wait to check it out.

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