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A team of indie-developers are excited to present a new sci-fi MMO shooter game on the Unity 3D engine. Beyond the Destiny is a new science fiction multiplayer online game with an open game universe, which combines the genres of classic role-playing games, real-time strategy and third-person shooter.

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1. A unique combination of game genres.
BTD combines the genres of a classic role-playing game with a third person view and real-time strategy game in an open universe. Control your character, take control of teams of robots to achieve scientific and economic superiority

2. The sci-fi setting.
The fantasy world is based on the probable development of current world technology, without the intervention of a supernatural alien influence on Earth's history. It is a sci-fi universe, which is based on human relationships.

3. Survival, modifying landscapes and climates.
All the alien worlds, where you have to travel to, have unique physical and natural features. Using the latest technology, modify the planet’s landscape and climate any way you’d like. Your success depends on your ability to adapt to the environment.

4. Building
Create your own city, build factories and farms to start up a production supply, invite players to join you, seize new land. Your buildings will provide you with protection from the adverse effect of exposure to the environment and enemy aggression, the ability to build and repair equipment, mine and process resources, design and launch mass production, trade and much more. Make your city the center of the universe.

5. Construction
Use well-known technology to create components of mechanisms and weapons modules from mined resources, and then from the resulting samples, design and assemble unique technology for various purposes to your own individual design.

6. Assemble and control MRC robots
In order to achieve local objectives and colonize new planets, you have the help of MRC (Multi-functional Robotic Complex) robots, which are capable of working in any conditions, can bear loads beyond human capacity. You can program the robots, or take them under your direct control, as well as construct, assemble, improve, and modify them.

7. Pets.
In whatever galaxy you find yourself in, your spirits will be lifted by charming little creatures, who will travel with you to the edge of the world and defend you unhesitatingly. You don’t love cute little cats? Then, the robotic Unibots are perfect for you, though who are you kidding, everyone loves cats.

8. An exciting storyline campaign.
Try your luck as a conqueror of distant stellar worlds. Rise through the ranks from candidate in a team of space settlers to the head of a powerful intergalactic alliance. Set your own rules and lead in your own policies in the seized territories

9. The multi-faceted development system.
The game’s character’s development system is based on a classless skills system which does not presuppose levels or other statistics parameters. The game world offers equality from the outset and intuitive character development by way of completing certain actions, and avoids the need for independent management of your character and lengthy study of the parameters. You simply do what you like doing and your character learns alongside you. Alongside developing your character, you need to remember to upgrade the MRC robots, weapons and equipment that help you to survive in the harsh conditions on new worlds.

10. Adventures with friends.
Mysterious alien worlds are fraught with great danger. But if you’ve got true friends by your side, any danger can be overcome! Developing planets together, constructing common bases, launching trade unions, team competitions with valuable prizes, epic battles, dangerous challenges and other exciting adventures await all players of BEYOND THE DESTINY!

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